Moto Z

One of the drawbacks when you make a phone that's razor thin (the Moto Z is only 5.19 mm thick) is that you have a harder time finding room for things like a big battery — or a 3.5mm headphone jack.

We're at the table with the Moto Z in our hands, and the talk we're all hearing on the internet is true — the Moto Z has no 3.5mm headphone jack. That doesn't mean you can't use headphones with it, only that you can't plug in a pair the "regular" way.

The Z does have a USB Type-C port, which does an excellent job of outputting digital audio. Our own Michael Fisher has confirmed that the Moto Z comes with a USB-C headphone adapter, which should convert the audio into analog so you can plug in the headphones you already have to listen to music or watch a movie or even talk on (or to) your phone.

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There is also the wireless option, and Bluetooth headsets and stereo headphones should work just fine. We'll also be seeing more and more USB-C headphones as the port becomes more popular, and we expect the availability to go up while the pricing goes down on those.

Does this affect your decision to buy a Moto Z? Hit the comments and shout out.