Mint Mobile increased data for free and Ryan Reynolds got beat up for it

Mint Mobile website on an Android phone
Mint Mobile website on an Android phone (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Mint Mobile is raising its data limits in each of its tiers, at no extra cost to customers.
  • The data increase is available for existing and new Mint Mobile subscribers.
  • Ryan Reynolds reportedly got beat up by AT&T and Verizon because of its data increase... just kidding.

Mint Mobile subscribers will be happy to learn that one of the best 5G carriers is raising its data limits for each of its tiered data plans. The best part is that there's no extra cost for this increase, and subscribers can get more out of their data plan for the same.

We've got some hot news. The data limit on every Mint plan is increased…for free. We'll repeat. We're giving you more data, but keeping plan prices right where they are. Why? Because we're all about you. If you're already a Mint customer, keep an eye on your Mint account to watch that free* data go up. If you're not, well, it seems like we just gave you a pretty solid reason to become one.

Mint Mobile sells three-month data plans, but you can also purchase six month and 12-month plans. The data tiers for Mint Mobile are now as follows (three month costs):

  • 3GB 4GB of data — $45 ($15/month)
  • 8GB 10GB of data — $60 ($20/month)
  • 12GB 15GB of data — $75 ($25/month)
  • Unlimited data — $90 ($30/month)

As the owner of Mint Mobile, Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to promote the new data increase, joking that AT&T and Verizon weren't too kind to him over the move.

If you're unfamiliar with Mint Mobile, it's a mobile MVNO that's owned by Ryan Reynolds and utilizes T-Mobile's blazing-fast LTE and 5G networks for a low cost. You can purchase a smartphone straight from the carrier, or bring your own device, which is one of the main differences between Mint Mobile and another popular carrier like Visible, which only works with certain devices.

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