Learn to love reading again with the best Kindle Paperwhite deal we've seen in months

Paperwhite Deal
Paperwhite Deal (Image credit: Android Central)

I love my great Android phone, and my Alexa smart speakers are some of my prized tech possessions. Still, if I were only permitted one device to use for the rest of my natural-born days, it would have to be my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It stores thousands of books, has automatic built-in backlighting, and last for weeks on a single charge. If you're looking for the ultimate relaxation gift this holiday season, consider taking advantage of this Black Friday deal on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Right now, it's $45 off at Amazon and Best Buy!

My Kindle Paperwhite is my favorite piece of tech gear, but it's several years old now and starting to look its age. I plan to take advantage of this deal to get the newest version of our top e-reader pick, not just because of the fantastic savings, but because its features are such a huge upgrade over my 2015 model.

This latest edition of Amazon's popular e-reader is practically perfect in every way. It has twice the storage of previous models, starting at 8GB and going up to a monstrous 32GB, allowing you to take a virtual library with you wherever you want to read. Downloading new books on Wi-Fi is a snap from the onboard Kindle store, and there are even thousands of free books that you can read on your Kindle.

The Kindle Paperwhite has even better backlighting, a flat seamless screen, and is now waterproof. This means you can read at the pool on vacation or in the tub to unwind from a long day. You can also listen to your Audible audiobooks via Bluetooth headphones if that is more your speed. And this version is available in classic Black, Plum, Sage, or my absolute favorite — Twilight Blue.

This isn't the only Black Friday deal on a new Kindle, though. If you want to save some money, you can pick up the entry-level Kindle for just $60, or you can grab the ultra-premium Kindle Oasis for $75 off.

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