T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile rolled out its new Un-carrier X announcements this week to plenty of fanfare, but there's more to these changes than just free video streaming and matched data for family plans. T-Mobile also notably shifted its pricing for its most commonly-selected Simple Choice plans, reducing the price per gigabyte but increasing the total plan prices on all but the base plan.

Starting November 15 when these new plans go into effect, T-Mobile's base $50 plan will now include 2GB of data instead of just 1GB, which is great. The next tier up currently costs $60 and offers 3GB of data, but after the changes will cost $65 and offer 6GB of data. The previous $70 tier for 5GB of data now offers 10GB, but costs $80 instead.

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T-Mobile Un-carrier X plans

So you get more data at each level — double the data, in fact — but the data plans also increased in cost by 50 percent ($50 of each plan is the base cost). That's still an improvement in cost-per-gigabyte on each plan, but it's still a nominal increase in plan cost nonetheless. That's important for T-Mobile's average revenue per user numbers, but not necessarily what everyone wants. And is something T-Mobile could've explained more clearly either way.

Perhaps the only change that's really questionable is on T-Mobile's much-advertised unlimited plan, which currently costs $80 per month. It will cost $95 starting this weekend, and the only thing you really get for that price jump is 14GB of tethering allowed instead of 7GB before. Bumping the price by $15 per month is steep for a plan that was already offering unlimited data, particularly as anyone with unlimited data didn't care about adding unlimited video streaming — the only other real improvement of this announcement — in the first place.

Luckily none of these price changes go into effect for current subscribers — they'll only apply to anyone going in and starting a new plan (or presumably changing plans) after November 15. But if you're moving over to T-Mobile or are making a plan change, make sure you watch what price you're paying and what you're getting for it.

Source: T-Mobile (BusinessWire)