If you're consistently running low on time throughout the day, having a smart robot vacuum cleaner like one of these discounted models from ILIFE could work wonders for your life. Even though Prime Day is long gone and Black Friday sales are yet to kick off, you can actually snag all-time low pricing on a couple of robot vacuums thanks to this one-day sale at Amazon. Both of the featured models actually went on sale in the run-up to Prime Day and today's prices are even lower with up to 35% off.

Vac it up

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Sale

These smart robot vacuum cleaners and mops automatically navigate your home to keep it clean. Control them with the free app or even with your voice and a smart home assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.

From $140

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The popular ILIFE A9 is discounted as part of the sale. It's down to $149.99 which is its biggest price drop to date, $10 lower than its Prime Day price.

Unlike some robot vacuums, the A9 will not just run around randomly cleaning up your floors. It uses sophisticated mapping and navigation technology and cleans in a methodical back-and-forth pattern. It won't repeatedly go over the same spots and it won't miss areas. Plus, the vacuum has 14 smart sensors that help it to clean along furniture and walls and climb over low piles of carpet or whatever. The vacuum is only three inches tall, too, so it can safely go underneath some pieces of furniture like your bed. The sensors keep it from falling down the stairs or getting stuck on obstacles.

You won't have a hard time cleaning out the dustbin or doing maintenance either thanks to the upgraded CyclonePower cleaning system. The technology also helps extend the life of the high-efficiency filters. The A9 is also designed to automatically return to its charging station when it's low on battery or done cleaning for the day.

The A9 comes with an Electrowall device. It's a gadget you can use to create virtual barriers for your robot vacuum. It won't cross the lines you set in place so you can keep the vacuum from going places it doesn't belong. Download the companion app on iOS or Android to operate your new robot vacuum, set schedules, select cleaning modes, follow the A9's progress, and more. You can also use your Echo device.

If you're happy to swap some of the Wi-Fi-enabled smarts, you could go for the ILIFE V8s which actually combines a robot vacuum and mop in one device. At $139.99, it's a few bucks lower than its Prime Day sale price.

You can customize the V8s vacuum's schedule so it runs any time of day, any day of the week. With 6 cleaning modes, including auto, path, max, edge, mopping, and spot, the V8s can take care of a variety of different cleaning tasks. A remote is included for controls as well as physical buttons on the vacuum cleaner allow you to set the V8s going and choose different modes and scheduling options easily.

Be sure to check out the sale to see which is right for you, or hit up our best robot vacuum deals guide for more discounted options.

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