The Shack

Radio Shack is getting a slew of Android phones next week, and thanks to an anonymous friend we know which ones.  First up is the HTC Status (check out our hands-on), which should be for sale "early next week" for $20 on contract and $400 outright.  Perfect price point for that one!  Another $20 phone coming early next week is the Pantech Crossover (read our review), which goes for $350 if bought off-contract.  You'll be able to snatch the T-Mobile Gravity Smart this week, for $20 on a new two-year plan, or $50 for an upgrade.  And finally, next week you can spend your $300 on a Motorola Triumph of your very own, and get a great phone on a pre-paid plan.  Looks like that July 19 date for this one was close.

Looks like things will be busy at the Shack.  Hit the break for a couple more pics. 

Thanks, Anon!

Gravity Smart

Motorola Triumph