One of our favorite features that manufacturers and developers have brought to Android the past couple of years has been a way to set a "do not disturb" mode. When we want to get a little bit of sleep, or any sort of a rest from the constant beeping and chiming our wee electronic masters use to rouse us, it's nice to be able to set things up so that the phone will shut up, then come back to life when we want it to.

On the Moto X, this is easy to do through the recently rebranded Moto app. Here's how it's done.

Assist settings

Grab your Moto X and pop the app drawer open, and find the app named Moto. Yes, it's not a very descriptive name for an app that does so many different things, but it is short and easy to write. You win some, you lose some. Anyhoo, tap the icon and open up Moto.

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You'll be greeted by the scene you see when you use the Touchless Control, err Moto Voice (So. Much. Rebranding.) feature by talking to your phone — or so it looks. Up in the upper right corner, you'll see a small gear icon. Tap that sucker to get to a settings page. What we're interested in right now is the icon labeled "Assist" on the "See what I can do" page. The other icons are worth investigating, and we'll visit more of them later, but for now just tap on Assist.

Sleeping options

At the top of the list, you see the word "Sleeping" along with the cutest little blue moon icon. Tappa-tappa and open the Sleeping item up. Here's where we tell the Moto X what we want it to do while we are sleeping. The "Keep my screen off" setting does just what it sounds like — it stops notifications from firing off the Active Display feature so your screen stays nice and dark. There are a few options for the other settings, though.

The "Silence" setting tells your Moto X to not fire off a notification sound for calls or any app that would normally make your phone beep at you. If you just select it, this is the default behaviour. But if you tap the arrow to the right, you have a few options for exceptions.

Silence options

  • A Favorite calls: Select this option and when someone from your Favorites (think starred contacts in the people app) call the phone will still ring.
  • Someone calls twice: Selecting this option will allow the ringer to go off should someone call you two times within five minutes.

Both are useful options, so think about how you might want to set things up here. I need my phone to ring if one of my kids calls me in the middle of the night. I also am pretty sure if someone calls me twice while they know I'm asleep, it's likely pretty important. I have both options checked. This filters the spam calls away, while giving me some piece of mind knowing that I'll still get an "important" call. Set them however works best for you, and you can always go back and make changes.

The other option is for "Sleep time." Tap the arrow here, and you can set when these quiet hours will start and when they stop. We love this sort of fire and forget setting, and once you have it set you'll not be awakened by wrong numbers, drunken friends or that ex who just has to talk at three o'clock in the morning ...

Sleep times

One last thing to note — this doesn't affect the Alarm or Media volume controls. It simply shuts down the notification volume and allows your exceptions to bypass the volume setting.

If you're tired of the phone ringing 20 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, or people butt-dialing you late at night, give these settings a try!