How to grab a Motorola XOOM for only $600 with no contract required

I'm predicting a few Motorola XOOM's purchased today will be getting returned after this news spreads but that's not really our concern. If you've been holding off purchasing the fancy new Motorola XOOM then you'll want to take note. For now, until March 15 you can visit the Motorola store and use coupon code OCNNSB25 to save yourself $200 off the $799 cost of a new XOOM.

Be quick about it though, we're pretty sure when Motorola or Verizon remember they were giving these away at the Super Bowl they'll quickly expire. Also, only fair to note that it appears as though Verizon has changed their minds about the data requirement when purchasing a XOOM. Many folks in the Android Central forums have been getting theirs with no data needed. [XDA / Android Central Forums]

Update: And just like that, our fun is spoiled. Hope some of you all got in there before they pulled it.