Grab a pair of premium KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers for $300 off

Kef Q150 Speakers
Kef Q150 Speakers

The KEF Q150B Q150 bookshelf speakers have dropped to $299.98 on Amazon. These are being shipped and sold by the KEF Store, which is the official manufacturer's page. That does mean no Prime shipping, but it's still free. It just might be slower. These speakers normally sell for around $600, too, so the deal today saves you 50%. We share this deal once a year at pretty much the same time every time. It's your only chance to grab a discount on KEF's premium speakers.

Several KEF speakers are on sale right now. For example, the upgraded KEF Q350 speakers are down to $499.98 right now compared to their usual price of $700.

This is a sale we really only see once a year from KEF. It's a great chance to snag some of the best speakers around. Have 200 watts of power and a huge frequency range. Built with quality in mind. Deal is only available in the black vinyl finish.

These speakers have 200 watts of maximum power output. They also have a nominal impendance of eight Ohms. These are the upgraded version of one of KEF's most award-winning speakers. The design includes a new cabinet, and a sleek black finish. The speakers include an improved 5.25-inch Uni-Q driver array.

That array is designed to smooth out treble frequencies and provide cleaner and more accurate bass. This is a signature part of KEF's design and allows you the freedom to place these speakers just about anywhere. You get a detailed and accurate three dimensional sound image that is dispersed evenly and fills any room. KEF's speakers are not put together without thought. These are expertly tuned. Because the tweeter is placed at the acoustic center of the Q150, you can actually place these speakers on their side, too. Whatever position works for you will still provide the best sound.

The speakers have a frequency range of 51Hz to 28kHz and a maximum output of 108 decibels. The dimensions are 11.92 inches by 7.08 inches by 10.944 inches. That's big enough to become a focal point for your room's audio while being small enough to fit pretty much anywhere you want to put them.

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