Grab an open box Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2 on sale for just $100

The second version of the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer is down to $99.99 through the Monoprice website as long as you don't mind an open box model. The deal comes with free shipping. The Open Box version normally goes for $150, and new versions go for more than $200 at retailers like Amazon. Other Monoprice 3D printers like the Mini Delta still go for a lot more than today's drop.

Already meant to be a more affordable 3D printer, that price just got a bit better. The printer is calibrated at the factory and comes ready to go. It's fully assembled, includes sample PLA filaments, and has a microSD card with some models on it.

Open box for Monoprice means this was originally sold new and then returned by a customer. The printer is perfectly fine, but you might find it's missing certain accessories or cables. Other than that, it'll be like getting a new 3D printer.

The Select Mini V2 comes with a heated build plate. The wide range of temperatures gives it the ability to work with any type of filament, including advanced materials. If you need some basic materials, Monoprice has a huge variety of colors for both PLA and ABS filaments. You can also find a ton of options on Amazon.

The design for this 3D printer is meant to keep it compact with a small footprint. It can perfectly fit on any desk top without taking up too much space, and it uses an open frame design so it's easily accessible. The 3D printer is calibrated at the factory, so you can start working with it as soon as you get it. It's fully assembled in the box, comes with some basic PLA filaments to get you started, and includes a microSD card loaded with preset models you can try out.

The printer can work with both PC and Mac computers.

John Levite
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