Grab Mophie's Dual Wireless Charging Pad on sale for only $16 today

Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad Hero
Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad Hero

With all the devices we have these days, it becomes difficult to keep everything charged when you have just one cable or USB wall charger available. That's why tech like the Mophie Dual Wireless Charger is so handy. It has two spots to wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled devices you may own, along with a built-in USB-A port to power up a third device simultaneously.

Apple normally sells this charger in its store for $70, though right now you can pick one up on sale at Daily Steals in refurbished condition for only $15.99 when you use promo code FUTRMOPH during checkout. That saves you nearly $55 off its cost, and even without the coupon it's on sale for $25 which is a much more enticing price than it regularly costs.

This premium wireless charging pad can power up to three devices at once using its dual wireless charging spots and built-in USB-A port. Use the following promo code during checkout to snag today's low price.

These chargers are all manufacturer refurbished, meaning Mophie has tested and inspected each one to enure it's in proper working condition and that it's like new. You'll even receive a one-year warranty with the purchase as well as free U.S. shipping.

Mophie's compact Dual Wireless Charger is made to power up Qi-enabled devices at up to 10W and has the ability to charge three devices all at the same time. Samsung devices generally reach up to 10W while the Apple iPhone charges at 7.5W. The charger features a smooth, polished finish for a sleek look and can even charge through cases as long as they're no more than 3mm thick. A 5-foot power cable is included with its purchase.

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