This is the best deal you'll find on a Google Wifi 3-pack this holiday season

Google WiFi
Google WiFi (Image credit: Google)

Google Wifi, the company's first mesh internet setup, has been quite popular since its release. At first, it was pretty hard to find, and we've never really seen any great deals on it, until now. You can pick up a 3-pack from Amazon for just $249. This is a savings of $50 on the system. Best Buy and B&H both have it for the same price.

With Google Wifi you can easily set up and manage your network right from your phone. The mesh system allows you to bring the internet to parts of your home or office that didn't get a good signal before. If your current system is struggling, or you are looking for something new, be sure to pick up the 3-pack now!

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Jared DiPane
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