Google's newest Nest Thermostat has dropped to its lowest price at $100

Google Nest Thermostat New
Google Nest Thermostat New

Google released a new budget-version of its popular Nest Thermostat a few months ago. It was released at $130 and has not seen a lot of discounts, since that's already a pretty great price for what it does. Today, though, you can get the Nest Thermostat for just $99.98 at Amazon. That's not the only retailer selling it at this price, either. Try BuyDig or Best Buy as well. One of the nice things about this thermostat is that it comes in a variety of colors, and they all seem to be discounted so you can grab your favorite one.

Works without a C wire in most homes and is Energy Star certified. It's programmable so you can create an energy-efficient schedule with your phone. Change the temp from anywhere. Includes HVAC monitoring with helpful reminders for maintenance.

For a comparison, check out the Nest Thermostat E, Google's previous attempt at a budget thermostat, where the best price is $136 at Walmart and $170 elsewhere. This version is not as widely available as it used to be, either, so

You can see how the two models stack up here. The new Nest Thermostat has some disadvantages like it doesn't work with remote sensors for monitoring different rooms around your home. It also doesn't have the "Learning" capability of the more expensive models, so you have to set the schedule yourself.

However, it is designed to work very well with the Google app that you can get on both Android and iPhone. The app can even give you some guided instruction on how to setup the schedule and things like that. It even uses a Savings Finder to help you look for ways to save money in the long run. Follow the suggested tweaks to your schedule to reduce how much energy you're using. The HVAC monitoring system can also let you know when something isn't right with your system and send you notifications about maintenance.

Of course with its connection to the app, you'll also be able to control it from anywhere. Your whole family can take advantage of that feature, adjusting the temp from any laptop, phone, or tablet whenever it gets too hot or cold. The Nest works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control as well.

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