Although Google's been around since the late 90s, Google as a hardware company is still very young. The Pixel and Google Home from 2016 were the first two major hardware releases we saw, and Google followed those up this year with the Pixel 2, Home Mini/Max, Pixelbook, Pixel Buds, and more.

The Pixel 2 is an incredible phone that we've raved about more than once, but it looks like Google is feeling a bit self-conscious and is in need of some reassurance from its customers.

When perusing his phone, Android Central's Andrew Martonik noticed something rather odd on his Pixel 2 XL. Near the bottom right of the screen in the settings, a pop-up can be seen with the title of "Help improve Pixel: 1 minute survey." You can tap "no thanks" to make this go away, but selecting "take our survey" will present you with a handful of questions.

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These are presented to you in a larger pop-up window so you're never actually taken away from the settings page, and questions include the likes of "how satisfied are you with this phone", "when did you start using a Pixel 2 phone", and "before getting your Pixel, which company made your previous phone." Once you get through these questions, the survey ends with a box where you can choose to type in any comments you'd like to send to Google.

Andrew says he's only seen this on his Pixel 2 XL and not the regular Pixel 2, and I've yet to see it on my Pixel 2 either. It's unclear how Google is choosing which phones to run these surveys on, and while the info being collected here is likely valuable for Google going forward with future products, it's also decidedly intrusive to throw pop-ups on a phone that costs at least $650.

Have you noticed this on your Pixel 2? If so, let us know in those comments down below.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL