Android Oreo: Everything you need to know

Android Oreo is upon us and we're starting to uncover what Google has been doing with Android for the past year and what to expect when we see it on our phones.

Google says to expect the full version of Oreo (and a Pixel 2 with some even newer features in October). But we know what to expect now that it's been formally announced.

We'll keep this page updated as the best place to find everything you need to know about Android Oreo!

The review

Android Oreo

All good things deserve a great review, and we have it covered.

Check out our in-depth review of Android Oreo and everything it has to offer!

Android 8.0 Oreo review: Vive la évolution

What's new in Android Oreo

We have to start with all the changes under the hood that come with Android Oreo. And we expect plenty of them!

There's some really exciting stuff that will have a big impact for developers and the apps they can make. New ways to use custom fonts and icons, a better way to deliver professional-level audio and awesome ways to connect with others for things like head-to-head gaming or local social applications.

Improvements to the already great Android notification system include new channels that let you fine-tune the notifications you want to see, snoozing for those who like to put off until tomorrow, and even notification badges on your app icons!

Other major changes include support for picture-in-picture and remote displays, autofill support, smart text selection, and TensorFlow Lite for improved apps with machine learning integration.

What's New in Android Oreo: Everything you need to know

How do I install Android Oreo?

The best way is to let it come to your phone naturally. Google has said to expect the new version on your Pixel or Nexus soon. They will also post full images of the default software, so you can manually install it if you can;t stand the wait. We've got everything you need right here.

How to get Android Oreo on your Pixel or Nexus right now

Will my phone be updated to Android Oreo?


Most models less than two years old should get the update, and some phones being sold in the near future will already be running it. For now, we're only sure of the Pixel (and Pixel XL), Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.

  • Will my phone get Android Oreo?
  • Will my phone get Android Oreo in India?

What does the O stand for?

Since the beginning, each version of Android has been named after a tasty sweet treat, and this time we're getting the delicious Oreo!

Google has struck a deal with Nabisco, the makers of Oreo, the way that it did with Nestle for Android 4.4 KitKat.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • It's crazy the Nexus player is still supported. Hasn't it been longer than 2 years?
  • November 3, 2014 per Google Assistant. Plus, Google promises "at least 2 years", not "only 2 years".
  • Exciting and all but 90% of the phones out there won't get it and I'm not buying a new phone every year to keep with this. Google needs to do better with bring devices over to the new OS. Every I phone gets updated every BB10 phone gets updated.
  • I understand. But with android os upgrades aren't a necessity because there are already many features unlike iOS. For iOS, not being on the latest os ether hurts it or it hurts it to upgrade making the device a lag fest. My note 5 on marshmallow can do just as much of not more than my mom's iPhone on latest os. As long as monthly patches are sent that's what really matters. That's something that Google needs to focus on, security patches for all updated on time.
  • I have a few BlackBerry PRIV at least blackberry is doing me proud and keeping up on the monthly security patches. They are always on schedule or somehow ahead of it..
  • Google does fine bringing phones to the new OS. You probably aren't buying your phones from Google. I suppose Google could tell Samsung (and other OEMs) they can't use Android unless they commit to updates on ALL their models, but then I don't think Android would be as widely adopted by OEMs. If Google demanded some additional level of long term support, that would make the OS somewhat less 'free'.
  • All I need to know is I won't see it on this phone, maybe N but not O, and if get a new phone in the fall, maybe I'll see it next year?
  • Will the Nexus 5X be supported?
  • Yes, it already has the developer preview.
  • Brilliant, thanks
  • I wish Google would support devices for three years instead of two.
  • I agree
  • They need Qualcomm to provide drivers to update to the new version of the OS.
  • Android Oreo?
  • Yes please
  • @wezi427 Android oatmeal raisin cookie would be nice too! LOL!
  • Orange sherbet
  • Won't happen just like Nutella didn't happen
  • "Remember, that doesn't mean Android O will be released for all of those devices, as we saw the Nexus 5 get developer previews for Android 6 and it was not part of the release."
    Please fact check a little harder next time. The last official release for the Nexus 5 was 6.0.1. How could it not be supported on the full release if it got the last stable version? At least if you mentioned the Sony Xperia Z3 with the Android N preview you'd have been correct.
  • It was both the Z3 and the Nexus 5 with Android 7. I wrote a long horrible article about it here It was just a typo. Writing a million or so words every year means they happen :)
  • Still technically incorrect, because the Nexus 5 and 7 (2013) were present in the preview repos, but were never available as a part of the preview for N. The only device that received a preview image that didn't get the official software push was the Xperia Z3. There is still a good reminder that the presence of a repo doesn't mean it'll get the final push through.
  • Can't get a password to decrypt storage on my m7 phone
  • Geez, I don't even have N yet and they're talking about O. I really find it hard to care about this.
  • I know right!?! It's a waste to buy a new phone for every update. Not to mention a hassle.
  • Yea, that's the curse of android. What phone do you have? What's funny is, even on marshmallow, my old phone did so much more than my mom's iPhone on the latest ios software.
  • Agree with everything. I have an S7/Verizon so I'm not looking for any updates anytime soon...hence my "care less" attitude for "O".
  • I have a few BlackBerry PRIV at least blackberry is doing me proud and keeping up on the monthly security patches. They are always on schedule or somehow ahead of..
  • Early spring: preview/speculation
    Late autumn: release One major version each year.
  • Seriously you boneheaded site I can't post a comment on a 2 month old article because I don't have enough "repuation"?
  • Well, insulting them is a sure way to get a "reputation", just not the one you were looking for.
  • And of course I JUST got my carrier update from AT&T for nougat on my s7 trading this thing back in and buying a lot g5 till the new pixel comes out. I'm tired of this.
  • Take it easy. This is just the developer release, so they can start testing their apps on it. Samsung actually did pretty good with updates. But hey, that's your choice. The pixel is a great phone.
  • Samsung did an excellent job this time around, it's being stuck with a carrier branded phone. If Samsung let's me finance through them, then perhaps I'll reconsider.
  • You should be able to buy unlocked phones.
  • Samsung doesn't actually update unlocked phones
  • NOT TRUE. My unlocked Galaxy S7 did an OTA update to Nougat 7.0 in May.
  • Not True. My unlocked Galaxy S7 did an OTA update to Nougat 7.0 in May.
  • So stop getting lame ass phones. Samsung and all the other OEMs can't keep up. I think Google is trying to prove a point finally. All the OEMs should stop trying to customize Android for a unique experience and just rock it stock with maybe a feature or two. Motorola gets it and they put out great devices and they somewhat keep up with the updates.
  • I kind of agree that they should leave Android mostly stock.
    What I don't get is that 7 hasn't been out very long and here we are talking about 8.
  • 2011 Q4: Ice Cream Sandwich
    2012 Q3: Jelly Bean released
    2013 Q4: Kitkat released
    2014 Q4: Lollipop released
    2015 Q4: Marshmallow released
    2016 Q2: Nougat preview
    2016 Q3: Nougat release
    2017 Q1: O preview
    2017 Q3?: O release
  • Lemme guess way ahead android versions names:
    Android O - Oreo, Oats
    Android P - Pretzel
    Android Q - Quaker oats
    Android R - Raisin Bread, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Rice Crispies, Reese's
    Android S - Snickers, Snow Cone, Skittles
    Android T - Toblerone, Tootsie Roll, Truffle, Tim Tam
  • Well you have to look at who they had on board before they can't go with Snickers I mean maybe they can but they already had KitKat and had endorsements from Nestle so Oreo would be the logical choice unless they went with Little Debbie and got oatmeal pie which wouldn't be too far off from logic because of the whole Raspberry Pi so just some food for thought s is probably going to be s'mores as to where T is going to be Twix or Twizzler which all believe it or not or handled through Hershey Industries which are now based no longer in Pennsylvania yes Hershey Park still is here but the corporate facility has been taken over and is now ran through China and I wouldn't think that would be any surprise then yes it is about the money and Hershey certainly isn't going anywhere KitKat I have managed Hershey candy warehouses and I'm pretty sure that you can see the path that I'm showing you R is going to be Reese's. Now since the change to handle with China they also have brought in the rights to some other stuff that was in the past not Hershey but now is such as Laffy Taffy so he could very well just be Taffy when you have an Enterprise like that that people from China will come to see Hershey and always have it's practically as big as a touring spot as Disney not quite but it's up on the list of attractions . Choosing someone else that is a competitor in that industry is very unlikely. Leaves one to believe they are already contracted. Like I said food for thought and it's coming from Hershey.
  • It's updated every year. It might not feel that way dobto manufacturers and carriers though.
  • Except that Moto isn't keeping up with updates.
  • Well moto used to update. Just ordered a pixel for my wife today because her 2015 moto x pure {unlocked bought from moto website} still doesnt have 7.0. There is a bug in it that wont let it connect to her car radio via bluetooth. Every other device we have will connect. Oddly the phone will conect to some other bluetooth devices just not all bluetooth devices. Was hoping the 7.0 update would fix it but finally gave up. Used to love moto x phones but from now on its pixel and nexus if they bring nexus back.
  • I'm from Brisbane / Australia, I have the 2015 Moto X Style. I just got the 7.0 Nougat update only last week & it's great, only the 2nd update in 2 years, but we're on Nougat .. I never had a bluetooth problem, so I hope U get that fixed & everything works out for you ..
  • Is that the new Android name... Oreo as seen on banner?
  • Nobody knows yet.
  • Hey im new to the game but my girl sure is out if control with all this... My exact location and readind my tex,calls,url.everything i think mayb listen threw phone when its on and im not using.. She repeats me word for word to make a point at times... I need some security.. Any ideas
  • You can't tell me that we're literally months away from release & Google don't have a name for Android O.? Bullsh!t.!! If anything, they haven't "released" the name yet, because THIS creates HYPE for everyone to get excited about the next Android OS .. It's "Marketing", it's that obvious!!
  • Nothing gets past you!
  • Android O: all you need to knOw... lol