Amazon is giving UK customers the perfect excuse to sign up for its Music Unlimited streaming service. Right now, you can get the newest Echo Dot smart speaker for only £9.99 when you sign up for two months of Music Unlimited.

That means you'll get two months of ad-free music streaming and the Dot smart speaker for as low as £25.97 total with Amazon Prime. If you don't have a Prime membership, the Music Unlimited service is priced a tad higher at £9.99 per month so your total would be £29.97. Either way, it costs less than the Echo Dot alone and you'll be able to play whatever music you want on your new smart speaker when it arrives.

Sounds like a deal

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Amazon Music Unlimited + Amazon Echo Dot

This limited-time offer gets new subscribers two months of Amazon Music Unlimited's individual plan and an Echo Dot for just £29.97 (and even less with Prime).

Echo Dot is Amazon's best overall smart speaker option and one of the easiest ways to start up a smart home. Control compatible smart home devices like Philips Hue bulbs or Hive thermostats, and so much more. Hear a cringeworthy knock-knock joke or fun fact. Set timers so you won't burn dinner. There are tons of features that make these speakers worth having around, and if you know someone that isn't exactly tech-savvy, an Echo Dot also makes a great gift that'll help them dip their toes in the water.

You can use the Dot to listen to music from several different streaming services including Amazon Music Unlimted, of course. Try out Amazon Music Unlimited for two months. If you like it, stick with it and you'll pay £9.99 a month (or £7.99 for Prime members) thereafter. If it's not for you, both Spotify and Apple Music work just fine on the Echo Dot, too.

While a different version of this speaker recently came out, there aren't a ton of specs that set it apart from the model you'll be getting today. The neatest feature that the "new" model has is a built-in LED clock display. That model isn't eligible for the Music Unlimited promo either.

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