Galaxy S8 DeX Station desktop dock leaks, shows off 4K support and built-in fan

Samsung's Continuum-like DeX desktop dock has leaked, showing off its design as well as the features on offer. The accessory will be called the DeX Station, and will allow users to dock their Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus via a USB-C port at the bottom of the unit. The dock has two full-sized USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, an HDMI out that supports 4K resolutions at 30fps, and there's even a 100Mbit Ethernet port.

An interesting feature is the addition of a cooling fan, presumably to ensure that the Galaxy S8 doesn't overheat when docked. According to WinFuture, the dock has a collapsible design, with the fan — which serves as a stand — folding inward to make the dock easy to carry around. The dock also has Adaptive Fast Charging and supports USB PD, making it convenient to charge the Galaxy S8 once its connected.

The leaked image states that the DeX Station will retail for €149, coinciding with earlier rumors. Samsung will unveil the DeX Station and the Galaxy S8 on March 29, so stay tuned for more.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • I hope the 30fps for 4k is not true, I mean the 8895 and 835 support 4k display at 60 fps, so why would this bit have 60fps?
  • It might be using HDMI 1.4 so the connector is the limit, not the phone.
  • That, or they just want to keep thermal performance in check.
  • Interesting to see how they are going to implement this. If the desktop scales like continuum then this could be ok. If it just mirrors like you get when casting it will be a disappointment. I would like to see floating Windows like on my Remix box.
  • Or like multiwindow on the Pixel C in the last beta. That would be okay.
  • So this will be like an android box?
  • No, like continum. Or however the hell it's spelled.
  • This is interesting and maybe the one feature that would make me think about buying Samsung. I hope others will be moving in this direction.
  • What's the benefit of this dock over wireless screen casting to a tv? Just that I can a mouse and keyboard? Can't see this being a hit feature. I owned the Lumia 950XL previously and my Continuum sat unopened it the box. The features were so limited wasn't anything close to a full desktop experience. I see this again being a feature you more or less show off to a buddy for a minute and that's about it.
  • Latency (or lack thereof) is the biggest advantage over wireless casting.
  • What OS is it running? Chrome would be good. A Samsung in house OS would be bad.
  • Android..
  • dang...was hoping for Chrome (or an option to just use Chrome)....for a far more realistic, practical desktop experience
  • Once again.... What is the price here in the states???? Once again, they should have U.S. prices and weirdo prices
  • It is a Leak. It is given in the currency that was leaked. There has been no announced price and no US$ leak. You can guess by converting or wait until it is announced.
  • Keep in mind that European prices include VAT (value-added tax), so drop about 17 to 25% off the price to get a closer guesstimate of US pre-tax pricing.
  • Welcome to what it feels like to live outside the USA.
  • Ur right it is a leak.. but it's the reporters job who wrote this article to let us know what it converts to here in the states...... Don't even know what that little weirdo E is
  • You know what a cool service would be? A website where you could type in a question or something and it would "search" for information for you. Someone needs to get on that.
  • You know what else would be neat? Having that "search" thingamajig built into a cell phone!
  • Right... The reporter writing the article... Why should we have to do research to find out a price and what weird letters are.... That's what reporters do... They find out info and report it
  • "Why should I have to make any effort in life?" It takes five seconds to find out what the listed price in Euro (that weird little E) translates to in dollars. But, that doesn't tell the whole story since the listed price in Euro is the final price, including VAT and sales tax. So there's no direct translation of the price, and no way to guess the actual US price until Samsung announces it. I know reading that took a lot of effort, so I'll summarize: stop being lazy.
  • And that would be why the rest of the world considers most Americans lazy. It takes less time to figure out the converted price than it did to type the comment complaining that it wasn't in the article. And before you respond, I am an American. I just teach my kids that hard work isn't something to be afraid of.
  • Is the fan there to blow out the flames? Too soon?
  • Great in theory, but I assume it will be a bit of a nonstarter for the vast majority of people who prefer to have a case on their phone.
  • Take it out of the case when in the dock, & put it back in after you're done?
  • Why not USB 3.0 & Gigabit Ethernet? Neither of them is significantly more expensive than USB 2.0/100 Mb Ethernet.
  • Hi guys, Just wondering if the Samsung Dex will have a 3.5 mm audio port like the smart dock: I have an HDMI switch that uses 3.5 input for audio: I suspect that the audio will come through the hdmi cable but I was wondering if anyone knows if the Samsung Dex will have a 3.5 mm audio port? I'm excited for Dex because it will work well with my current setup. Also, where would we be able to order one? Thanks,