A frustrated fan figured out how to hack his way into a new spot in the OnePlus 2 invite queue

Tired of the way OnePlus allows others to jump ahead in the OnePlus 2 invitation line by signing up others in some sort of quasi-pyramid scheme, frustrated fan Jake Cooper has taken matters into his own hands.

You wanna dance OnePlus? Let's dance.

After seeing his spot on "the list" move from 9,000 to 70,000 due to the way the reservation system rewards referrals, Cooper did a little digging and a little Python scripting, and armed with some knowledge of how the Internet works, moved his way up the queue to position 1,694. And since OnePlus hasn't responded to his inquires via Twitter, he decided to "go public."

We don't condone manipulating web services, but we also don't condone silly invite systems that punish people who aren't willing to spam their way to the top. Be sure to give this one a read in case it gets taken down at the request of OnePlus, as Mr. Cooper says he will do so if asked.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I just hope I get invite priority for attending their San Fransisco event the other day and waiting in line for over two hours. They took our email addresses and promised us priority invites. So far I haven't seen anything hit my inbox. I had signed up for an invite before going to the event, but I don't know where I am in line because the link in the email I got is broken lol. The invite system really does suck though. I will say this... If I don't have an invite by the time the Moto X Style goes on sale, OnePlus is going to be the one losing out. I think a lot of others will do the same.
  • How was the phone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I thought the Rosewood back looked the best, but the kevlar back felt the best. The kevlar was smooth, yet soft and grippy. Similar to the black Nexus 5, but better. The sandstone back didn't feel quite the same as the one on the OnePlus One to me. I didn't like it as much. The phone felt really premium in hand and I really liked the metal sides. It also felt smaller than I was expecting, but maybe that's because I've been using a Nexus 6 recently. Performance was smooth and snappy. Definitely smoother than the OnePlus One. The screen was plenty sharp, colors seemed fairly accurate, white balance was on the cooler side, which I like, and it got really bright. It might have seemed a little washed out, and I'm not sure about black levels, but I would need more time to know for sure (only had about 5 minutes). Not so sure about the capacitive buttons. I had to think about which one to press because they aren't labeled / both use the same symbol. But I would probably get used to that. I took a couple shots with the camera and they seemed good, but the camera app is super basic and quite lacking. No auto HDR, no 1080p60 video, no manual settings AT ALL. HDR shots seemed a little slow to process. Slower than the S6, G4, and even Nexus 6. I like Oxygen OS. Seems a little more simple and polished than Cyanogen OS, and the dark theme and accent color setting are cool.
  • Thanks. Too bad about the camera app. Maybe when the six week update comes they will add some more features. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think Camera FV-5 might help with the barebones camera app.
  • Why game the system for a OnePlus 2? It has no NFC or Samsung Pay (LoopPay), but they put a finger print sensor on it. What's the point? LG G2
    Galaxy Note 4
    (The Sprint Lover)
  • Not everyone cares about NFC, I can count on 1 finger the last time I have used it since OEMs have started installing NFC in phones. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know how you feel. I have a Google Wallet account and used to send a set amount of money to it for disposable expense purposes like buying something from 7-11, Best Buy, or CVS Pharmacy. Then those three stores basically said fuck Google and started sucking on Isis/Softcard's testicles and stopped supporting Google Wallet by updating the NFC card swipe pad.
  • I know how you feel. I have a Google Wallet account and used to send a set amount of money to it for disposable expense purposes like buying something from 7-11, Best Buy, or CVS Pharmacy. Then those three stores basically said fuck Google and started sucking on Isis/Softcard's testicles and stopped supporting Google Wallet by updating the NFC card swipe pad. However, Google got the last laugh because Google bought Softcard. Therefore, the carriers who decided not to support Google Wallet will now support Android Pay, which is essentially Google Wallet under another name.
  • I never used NFC for payments. I used it for NFC tags,Tasker hooks and quick file transfers with my wife's phone. Could I live without it? Sure. It's still fun to go to my iPhone toting colleagues at work and say "Why can't your phone do this? Oh that's right, cuz Apple locked your brand new phone down and won't allow you to use it the way you might want to." Yeah, that's still fun.
  • I stopped bothering with the NFC thing myself too many places it just didn't freakin work..That being said I still like the comfort of using my google wallet card, just like a credit card. I have not found a place yet that doesn't accept Mastercard, including CVS, and what I like more about it is that my phone alerts me immediately when the card is used, plus the fact that the only amount someone can use is what I decided to put on it. I usually throw 20 bucks on it at a time for odds and ends, if I need it to make a larger purchase, I can just use my phone to add money and its on the card in about 20 seconds. That and the fact my bank card never gets involved is a real plus. I hope when they change to android pay they let us keep the google wallet card.
  • Its dumb to think that. Android system has also been all about options. If you don't have options, you're just like your competitors (Apple). Its dumb to not put a $0.55 part in the phone, but rather put a more expensive, yet easily hackable finger print scanner. Oneplus didn't even give people an option, they said here it is, no NFC, too bad. Rather than just leaving it there and letting the user choose to turn it on or off. Again, android has always been about options, this phone already fails that test. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I got NFC in 2011 on a Galaxy Nexus, could only use it at 5 stores, gas stations and PetCo It's 2015 I have a N6 with NFC, and I can only use it at 5 stores, gas stations and petco still. After 4 years no business' by me have upgraded their systems. My local Walgreens has NFC, but never set up the terminal because no one has ever asked to use, other than me inquiring about it
  • I have my sister and her family all on Motorola devices. I have done a couple returns over the past year, Motorola is really easy to work with! The Motorola Migrate app makes swapping phones so easy. Motorola also has timely Android updates. If I can find a way to import the Moto X Play I'll be ditching my OnePlus One. CM on my OnePlus One has only been good once, Android 4.4.
  • I'm just figuring out this 1+2 is a phone. And now I'm as stupid as thousands who have the interest at all to this degree over some dumb F*** ING phone! This thing won't blow me, clean the house, cook me dinner, or even make any work I need to do easier! So what to flash some stupid phone around provides that much social support and that's needed to this degree? This society is absolutely f***ed really! There are so many important issues that could be addressed instead of wasting time going to events for a pre show release of a phone! Or who knows how many hours it takes to hack and manipulations the internet to be #one billion and beyond six! I am gratefully right now that I'm not the slightest bit concerned about a stupid phone coming out that can't do much more than the crap one I'm currently using! Shame on me as well for wasting my moment now, and everyone else so excited over a dumb phone! They are not smart they wouldn't be outdated so fast if they had a clue at all!
  • Love it. Moto gets my money this year.
  • I like the oneplus 2, but seeing how it would be next year before I even got one.. I believe I shall look into a different phone, since my note 3 is my last "buy over time" phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Note 3 might be an aging device but it is still a killer phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh please the NOTE 3 is dead in the Water.
  • It still works. What's the problem? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't see how it is. - Has a still-very capable Snapdragon 800 SoC
    - Still very pretty 1080p AMOLED display
    - Removable battery + microSD card slot
    - Runs Android Lollipop, albeit a somewhat buggy version of it
    - Still has the awesome S Pen
    - Cameras are still capable I could go on, but I won't because you'd yawn at the list.
  • I honestly miss my Note 3 since getting the G4. That phone was THAT capable.
  • Yes it is. Still hanging on to my N3. Hasn't failed me yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's really pathetic. I'd never get that desperate to get this...crappy phone.
  • Eh, he was probably looking to "break" the system in the interest of internet notoriety. Mission accomplished.
  • Yea, this is exactly it. I also stated this in the Medium article for the record.
  • Who would want to buy a phone without nfc? Only phone that I would want without nfc is the moto g 2015
  • My current phone has NFC. I've turned it off due to it never being used. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • Oh fuzzy Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes? Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • Yeah, NFC is a bit overrated. I end up using Bluetooth or sharing files thru cloud.
  • In keeping with the tradition of mining a website for I/O invites. I dunno why anyone is surprised. Please continue to point out the lunacy of the invite system.
  • They lost me after they said they wouldn't include NFC. It makes no sense in today's world why a flagship phone wouldn't have this. Moto for the win.
  • Seems like a lot of people are writing off the OnePlus 2 simply because it doesn't have NFC, not because they actually use it. If I had to choose between it and the fingerprint scanner, I'd rather have the latter. Using Android Pay directly on my phone will be that much easier.
  • But doesn't Android Pay use NFC? How else would it communicate with the device?
  • Stop using logic to argue with these people! They do not want to hear it! Posted via Android Central App
  • Did he tell everyone ahead of him in line about the Moto X Style (Pure Edition)? I bet that freed up some spots. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How is this different from trampling on people at black Friday sale? 1+ has the right to sell their product however they want. Clearly, the ordering process needs much work, but that doesn't give anyone the right to hack it. I hope this guy is banned from buying a phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Because at black friday, like how an invite system should work, it is first come, first serve. It would be like going out on black friday, being 2nd in line, and being told, that you have to move back 20 spots because these other people "told more people about the sales, therefore bringing more attention to the sales and brands at hand" He clearly went from like 6,000 all the way down to 70,000. That is dumb, because they put more emphasis on other things to "get your way up" the invite system.
  • This ^ Posted via Android Central App
  • What premium1 said, and also because by contacting Oneplus and going public, he's obviously more concerned with making a point about how ridiculous and unfair the system is rather than just increasing his own place in the queue. Also, it's different because no actual people have been hurt. To me that's a pretty important difference. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • I didn't know you could bump people by referring others. In the past I defended the invite system, because I believed it was a unique way for a small company to balance supply, and demand while keeping stock, and finances in line. But allowing bumping based on referrals seems like some sort of pyramid scheme, and I am not impressed. I can hardly blame this guy for hacking the system considering one's place in line isn't based on any sort of fairness anyway. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just do not buy the phone because...you have to wait..lol oh well silly company. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I didn't even know about the referral system. Good thing I wasn't banking on this as my next phone anyway Posted via...The One
  • Glad I'm not worried about getting another phone for the rest of the year. Got an S6 Duos for my fix and a Nexus 6 for that M goodness later this year. The flagship Killer is more like a bug on the windshield of the big boys of the industry. Even the other small OEMS from China is better than this.
  • An improved invite system for an improved One Plus 2. Ha. They have cocked up the new invite system, and the new "flagship killer 2016" This company is a joke, and I have a One Plus One phone which is brilliant by the way. The new invite system has made cheap marketing slaves from people wanting to purchase the new phone. The system rewards spammers who get the most signups using email addresses. If they dont do this work their placement on the invite list slides down. Everyone on the list appears to be competing with everone else. Then to add the final insult Oneplus create some new rules today which devalues the work they have been doing to date and moves them down the priority list. This company couldnt manage their way out of a wet paper bag. I cant believe they managed to produce the One plus one smartphone because it is really good. Good company policy, good first product, but now poor management has blown it. Not surprised at all that this has happend.
  • hmm...
  • I wasn't able to get an invite for the One and I wasn't willing to buy an invite. I saw the story on AC about the Two and was able to get in line at 36502. I'm now at 80,000 + and dropping about 2000 spots per day. I'm not willing to spam friends to move up. I think what Jake has accomplished is brilliant I wish that I had half the tech savvy that he does. What he has done is totally justified. Why should anyone lose their position in line. He and I and thousand of others secured our position in line only to be mislead. We weren't told that our position in line was temporary. I still would like to have the phone as NFC and SD card support aren't important to me, but I'm way less enthused than I was.
  • I bought the OPO the end of June 2014 and still use it, and not planning on getting the 2. I just don't like the head games, I don't like missing features, and I'm sure there are enough fanboi's to drink their Cool-Aide. I'm not so sure how well they will do after a few months. And if someone wants an OPO, $300 plus shipping is not a bad deal for the orginal and in my case, its been a great.
  • Yep, the phone doesn't have NFC. Quit whining about it people and move the hell on. Posted via Oneplus One.. For now.
  • Exactly!!!!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • THE ONEPLUS 2 DOESNT HAVE NFC. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh man, now I'm going to have to pull my bank card out of my wallet to pay for stuff. This is just not fair! Posted via Oneplus One.. For now.
  • I don't know who you are directing your comment to but it's right after my post and I said I DO NOT care about NFC or SD card support. Jim Lloyd
  • People. I'm directing my comment to people. I didn't even scroll down far enough to read your post. Posted via Oneplus One.. For now.
  • No NFC, NO BUY! (I'm kidding. It was a reference to the GS6 microSD removal fiasco) Posted from the LG G4 "Spigen + Anime" Edition. Wait, what?
  • Every time I read a post like that, it only fuels my amusement even more. Posted via Oneplus One.. For now.
  • Lol, it was actually kinda funny when the S6 came out Posted from the LG G4 "Spigen + Anime" Edition. Wait, what?
  • I couldn't believe the uproar when the S6 was officially announced.
    But alas, that holds no candle to the Oneplus fiasco. If Oneplus is good at something, it's getting attention, and not always the positive kind.
    I'm just glad my OPO has no issues. I've read a lot of horror stories. Posted via Oneplus One.. For now.
  • I think you got lucky. My friend basically destroyed his OPO by accident while at the beach to the point where it only goes to the recovery and also has a busted screen. He's looking to buy an LG G3 but I told him to check on OnePlus support first. I had to bid him good luck, because I've heard horror stories of their support team. Posted from the LG G4 "Spigen + Anime" Edition. Wait, what?
  • Good luck with that! The trolls STILL whine and complain about the Galaxy S6 not having a removable battery or SD card...... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Trolling by stating that a phone does not contain a feature that a person my use? This site must have a strange definition of a troll. Best way to vote is with your wallet. Looking at the latest results many have and many more will. Nice to see the latest flagships offering these features. Choice is great. Looking like 2015 is a year of more parity in Android, no one company is going to be the king of the Android market.
  • Awesome, nice hacking! dreaming of electric sheep
  • The sad thing for all the regular folks trying to get an invite is that I can almost guarantee that he is not the only one doing this.
  • Life is about winning and sometimes you have to cheat. It's a fact of life. Posted via the Android Central App
  • why hasn't one plus hired you for their PR Posted via the Android Central App
  • Because I'm bad for business. I don't do good in sales oriented jobs. Believe me I've tried, I do good at first and then word gets out that I'm using and abusing the six principals of influence and bam.......No customers Posted via the Android Central App
  • I love this guy. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thanks :D
  • That's awesome Posted via the Android Central App
  • Either you want my money or you don't. I bought the one plus one and I thought the second time around they will just change to preorders but I guess not. It's an attractive device for the price but doing that whole invite thing again its frustrating Posted via the Android Central App
  • I honeslty don't understand the hype around this One Plus Two when the Moto X Style is just as good, if not even better for similar price. I rather give Moto my money than One Plus. Can't say I'm a fan of their phone and marketing tactics. But hey, for those that serious want this phone and get it, I hope it's worth it.
  • I wouldn't really go that far to get a phone, but the way they're handling the invite system is a joke, TBH. The idea is great in theory, but this just seems like a marketing gimmick that makes fans promote their product to get a phone sooner. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to be sending referral links 24/7. I'd rather buy a phone upfront and get it immediately, even if I have to deal with the lack of stock. 9000 to 70,000 in a queue is a pretty long jump. That's why the Moto X 2015 Style, ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 64GB and upcoming Nexus 5 2015 are my choices if I needed a new phone. Posted from the LG G4 "Spigen + Anime" Edition. Wait, what?
  • Invite system is the reason i'm gonna get the Moto X pure.
  • While I agree the invite system is terrible, the X pure will probably sell out in a matter of days, just like the 2015 G did. Then you wait. And wait. And F5, then wait more. Out of stock it says. You set up a Pushbullet notification. It goes off several days later, you log on, they are already gone. Then you wait more, getting increasingly pissed off. You log onto eBay and see it going at a 300% markup. You get angry. You check Moto again. Nothing. You are sad. You end up giving up. Yes, I too remember the Nexus 5 fiasco. And I'm still mad. All of it is frustrating. Me? I just wait a few weeks for the fervor to cool off, then buy a mint one on Swappa for much less, at my door in 2 days. But that's me.
  • One plus as a company is trash. I would rather spend 3-4 hundred more on a phone that I can buy at will than put up with their invite system fuckery. And the fact that their "2016 flagship killer" has no quick charge or nfc is laughable. Note 4/T-Mobile/AC App
  • As long as suckers keep lining up (Even virtually) to buy their phone, you think they are going to change? I was unfortunate enough to get an invite for the one plus one, and since I am a geek, I bought one. It was an ok phone, but not worth the hype. And barely worth the price.
  • Lining up doesnt mean I am buying it.Fuck their stupid invite system - I am getting a Moto...
  • I'm disappointed in the lack of NFC but still signed up the first moment I could for one, just in case. I was in the low 4k when I did it. I just looked and I am now near 600,000. Thats just wrong! This sorta seals the del on me no longer being interested in this phone. So much for all the BS about it being much more fair this time around. I say its much worse.
  • I just wonder how many people in the invite list will actually by a phone because they get pissed or they were spammed on the list.
  • First of all, this phone isn't anywhere on my radar for next phone. BUT... it could be worse. They could be asking for the money up front to secure your invite. Then you'd be locked into waiting for it or waste your money (which you'd be doing regardless even if you got the phone). Posted via the Android Central App
  • Savage Via US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Yea Baby! I got your invite right here! Motorola.com lol
  • Hi i have queued up my no.
  • People queue up for phones? Is it 2010 again?
  • Just another reason why I will be buying a Moto X Pure Edition.
  • There is no "hack" here. Simply some scripts to automate the existing process.
  • I will not be going through this hassle with this phone. The OPT didn't exactly blow me away. And this reservation invite is a joke. How on earth can someone be pushed back so far? I will keep my OPO until something better catches my eye. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good for this guy.. Screw this stupid invite system.
  • or as you say in the business."too much free time" ...
  • I've just given this "hack" a try - it looks like the guys at OnePlus have added a delay for mailinator so kind of longs this whole process it out now.
  • Good for him! Posted via the Android Central App
  • There are less people on the registered list for the picture with 1000
  • Who cares for such a smartphone when you have the Moto X Pure Edition coming in September, a way better smartphone by a mile.
  • Moto x and ZTE Axon are far better because you don't have to jump through hoops to get one. And spec wise they're identical for a everyday user...and better looking Posted via the Android Central App
  • Honestly if they really want to sell phones, here's a great idea. How about you just allow me to go to a web storefront and buy one. How novel is that? The invite system and all the bullshit that goes with it, is just another reason to ignore this device. Just go to Moto's site and order the X pure edition. A better device anyway, and your body will be happy you didn't have to jump through flaming hoops to get it. From my lollipopped rooted LG G2
  • Not only using their site, Best Buy is going to sell the Pure, so you can actually check one out before buying, and if you don't care about Moto Maker you can just be it there.
  • Who the hell cares? OnePlus isn't the only device on planet earth. Buy something else, people!
  • And yet people still want to give this sham company money, absolutely ridiculous. Fools are desperate to part with their money it seems. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I also had an invite around 15000. So far no invite and expect to have been bumped well down. Needless to say oneplus has lost my loyalty, after buying a one mid 14. Screw them.
  • Now if the invite system would ignore the first 1 million referrals and invite everyone after that then I suspect they would weed out all the people that gamed the system and keep those that left their invite location in place... Better yet just open it to all then the stupid idea for the invite queue could be banished...
  • Here you go https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2F...