Experience Audible Premium Plus and score two free audiobooks today

Audible Gold Membership Hero
Audible Gold Membership Hero

With an increasingly busy work schedule and all that needs to get done around the house, finding the time to sit back with a new book or one of your favorites is seemingly more and more sparse these days. Rather than letting reading time fall by the wayside, it's time to consider joining Audible, Amazon's audiobook service. Audiobooks let you finish the story while you work on chores at home, drive to work, or accomplish any number of other tasks, and the best part is that you can listen on tons of devices using the free Audible app, from your phone and tablet to your computer, and on Amazon Echo devices.

If you've never been an Audible member before, it's way past time to give it a try. Amazon's offering a free 30-day trial of the Audible Premium Plus service right now exclusively for Prime members, and you'll even score two credits which each can be redeemed for a free audiobook of your choosing! There are no restrictions on what you can pick either. The books you collect during your trial membership are yours to keep and listen to forever whether you decide to continue on with a full membership or not. If you're not a Prime member already, be sure to snag a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime before signing up for Audible's trial.

Once 30 days has passed, your Audible membership will renew at its regular monthly cost of $14.99 unless you cancel your membership beforehand. Staying subscribed earns you one credit per month to be used towards any audiobook you want, as well as access to Audible Originals and discounts on additional audiobook purchases each month.

Another awesome feature about Audible is your ability to swap any audiobook you buy that you don't like with another book. Whether you're not a fan of the narrator or the story just isn't what you thought it would be, Audible makes it easy to receive your credit back no matter what the reason.

Just last month, Audible unveiled a new tier of service, Audible Plus, while also renaming its original subscription tier to Audible Premium Plus. If you love audiobooks but can't afford $14.99 per month, the Audible Plus tier is worth looking into as it's priced at just $7.95 monthly. Though you don't receive a credit each month with Audible Plus, it does unlock access to unlimited listening of Audible Originals and other titles — with over 68,000 hours of content to enjoy. You can get a look at the content included via the Audible Plus homepage.

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