Oculus has given indie developers a new pathway to putting their games on the Oculus Quest 2 through the App Lab program without having to meet Facebook's demanding quality standards. Now, gamers can buy or download demos, early access betas, or full experiences and access them directly from their Oculus Library, without sideloading. Unlike the best Oculus Quest 2 games, these games aren't visible on the Oculus Store without a direct link. So we compiled a full list of Quest 2 App Lab games approved thus far so you don't have to go searching.

List of paid App Lab games for Oculus Quest 2

Crisis Vrigade 2 Gameplay

At-home arcade shooter: Crisis VRigade 2

Staff Pick

While the original had cartoonish action, this sequel SWAT shooter uses a more realistic engine and adds new weapons and difficulty modes. Dodge bullets and duck in and out of cover in this popular VR shooter, now finally freed from wires.

$20 at Oculus Store
Arcaxer Pre-Release

Turn-based, first-person RPG: Arcaxer

Climb The Stack, a procedurally generated, cyberpunk dungeon full of random environments and enemies, as either a fighter, mage, or thief. The further you climb in-world, the tougher the enemies, so you must level up your stats RPG-style, then dive into battle. Dodge enemy attacks in first-person, then switch to third-person to navigate the world.

Deisim App Lab Gameplay

Help humanity evolve: Deisim

In this roomscale sandbox simulator, you'll watch human society evolve as its all-powerful deity. The NPCs will move independently while you grant them resources, build new environments, expel heretics, and perform other actions that change mankind's history.

$8 at Oculus Store
Crisis Vrigade Gameplay

Dodge bullets, save the day: Crisis VRigade

With single-player, co-op, and multiplayer modes, the original Crisis VRigade isn't as polished as the sequel, and can be brutally difficult despite its cartoonish appearance. However, it provides a fast-paced cover shooter experience you can enjoy with friends at a low price.

$6 at Oculus Store
Rhythm 'n Bullets on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Shoot 'em up to the beat: Rhythm 'n Bullets

Your Touch controllers are two starships flying through space, and you must time your shots to the beat while switching colors to match the enemies you're shooting. With an endless mode, relaxation mode, boss battles, and more, there's plenty of depth to enjoy.

$10 at Oculus Store
Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

You shall not grow old: Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

One of the most in-depth and complete experiences on App Lab, this World War 1 simulator has single-player, co-op, and multiplayer modes where you'll bomb targets or dogfight against AI or real opponents, with customizable enemy behaviors and either arcade-style or fully-realistic flying physics.

$15 at Oculus Store
1976: Back To Midway

Time-traveling flight sim: 1976

In an alternate history where Germany won WWII, you'll jump from first-person flight combat in 1976 to top-down arcade-style combat in 1943, causing ripple effects in history as you try to put things right. You'll fly replicas of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and the B-17G Flying Fortress combat planes for intense dogfighting action.

Car Parking Simulator

65 unique levels: Car Parking Simulator

In this dynamic car simulator, you'll drive an SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, or even an F1 car for some reason, as you navigate bizarre obstacles and terrain, and try to park your car with as few crashes as possible. There's also a City Mode with moving traffic and a Free Roam mode for exploring.

$10 at Oculus Store

Raft VR: OceanCraft

Stranded in the middle of nowhere on a tiny raft, you'll slowly build it into a floating home while fishing and growing plants to survive, either on your own or in public/private multiplayer. Just don't stray from the raft: there be sharks lurking in wait!

$10 at Oculus Store
Omega Blade

Cyber combat: Omega Blade

Similar to Space Pirate Trainer, you sit in the middle of an arena as drones or targets fly around from all angles. The difference is that you also get close-range sword combat as robots attack you from all angles. Master different weapons like the revolver, sword, shuriken, shield grenade, sniper rifle, and others, in this game with surprisingly detailed combat mechanics.

$5 at Oculus Store
Sep's Diner

Overcooked VR: Sep's Diner

Move quickly (or teleport) through the kitchen to make people's burger orders before they get angry and leave, either on your own or with up to three co-op partners! You can enjoy the relaxed mode or enjoy the frantic chaos of timed mode, which gets harder as more recipes are added. There are reported plans to add desserts and other foods in the future, and we can't wait.

$9 at Oculus Store
Evryway Visualiser

Your music made psychadelic: Evryway Visualiser

Remember the iTunes Visualizer? This app takes your MP3s and adds full VR effects in the void around you, giving your playlists a whole new dimension. You can apparently use DLNA media servers on your network like Plex, but not necessarily streaming services.

$5 at Oculus Store

Robotic sandbox puzzler: Hyperstacks

Leap through obstacle courses, fight through cyber-baddies, and once you've finished taking on other people's levels, start building your own!

$17 at Oculus Store

Sci-fi RTS meets FPS: Guardians

Protect the federation as a Guardian, setting up turrets and leading AI bot troops with (or against) other players as you fight waves of alien baddies. You'll travel to and defend different planets and master different futuristic weapons.

$15 at Oculus Store
Realms Of Eternity

Defend the dojo: Realms of Eternity

Take up your katana, bow and arrows, crossbows, or other weapons and take on waves of enemies with different fighting styles and steadily increasing difficulty (or just shoot targets and slice up dummies).

$10 at Oculus Store
The Fight

The Thrill of yet another Fight: The Fight

If you haven't gotten your fill of boxing VR games yet, The Fight promises to be a visceral close-range boxing game in which you box in the ring or on the street against tough AI opponents. There's also various boxing machines to improve your technique and get sweaty.

$5 at Oculus Store
Crop Craze: VR Farming Simulator

Grow crops, then your farm: Crop Craze: Farming Simulator

You know what farming sims are all about: grow crops, then use the proceeds to expand your farm, buy animals and new equipment, and generally enjoy a relaxing experience.

$10 at Oculus Store
ExVRience Golf Club

Golf on the moon: exVRience Golf Club

Along with a standard 18-hole course and 6 driving ranges, there's also a 9-hole Moon Chip Challenge course with unique physics. This sim requires enough skill that it'll know if you hit a slice, so it's a good way to practice at home. It's single-player, so no playing with friends just yet.

$10 at Oculus Store
Solicitude Wake Up

Survival horror: Solicitude Wake-up

After awaking in a derelict facility with nothing but a dying flashlight, you must escape while tormented by voices and hunted by monsters, scrounging batteries, and other items along the way. Definitely the scariest horror VR game on App Lab so far.

$5 at Oculus Store
Cyber Tennis VR on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Fast-paced sports action: Cyber Tennis

This isn't a Wii Sports-like sim where you just swing your arms wildly. You face challenging AI opponents who hit the ball fast, and you'll need to hit the ball at the proper height and angle. Challenge other players online or face AI that will grow and improve over time.

$15 at Oculus Store
Baby Hands on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Rugrats in VR: Baby Hands

Crawl around your home as a toddler, exploring your giant home (from your perspective) and finding hidden treasures or mini-games to play. It's meant to be a relaxing sandbox where you have to simulate crawling with the controllers and solve puzzles to cause mischief.

$20 at Oculus Store
The Final Overs

Cricket sim: The Final Overs

It's time to finally learn how cricket works! Step into the shoes of a batsman and take on different bowlers to improve your skills. There's even a 20 Over mode with 10 wickets (I'm assuming people from Europe know what this means...).

$10 at Oculus Store
David Slade Mysteries

Solve a mysterious murder: David Slade Mysteries: Case Files

As a homicide detective for the River Side Police Department, you must solve gruesome crimes using your forensic skills and your wits, in a point-and-click game rebuilt for virtual reality complete with voice acting and cutscenes. There's just one case to start but at least two more to be added for free later.

$10 at Oculus Store
Jigsaw 360

Customizable puzzle globes: Jigsaw 360

The core gameplay is simple: slot in jigsaw puzzles into a globe shape (or flat if you prefer), made up of between 8 and 162 pieces. There are ten "scenes" to put together at the start, but you can choose your own custom photos and put them together while listening to relaxing music.

$3 at Oculus Store
Peco Peco

Jigsaw dioramas: Peco Peco

Reconstruct 3D models from the pieces scattered around you in this family-friendly puzzle game. You can even import your own 3D models, slice them into pieces, and then challenge your family to solve them. There are currently 24 models with more on the way.

$10 at Oculus Store

Flappy Bird Squats: RealFit

This workout app is mostly straightforward, putting a workout dummy in front of you to show you the proper form for different exercises, then showing you your stats over time. The unique mechanic is that you can actually play Flappy Bird using your squats to fly above or below pipes.

$20 at Oculus Store
Laid Back Camp - Virtual - Camp Motosu

Jump into an anime episode: Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Lake Motosu

Laid-Back Camp is an award-winning slice-of-life manga following young women obsessed with camping throughout all of Japan. Play as the main character Nadeshiko and hang out taking pictures of Mount Fuji and hanging out with your camping buds, as if you were in an episode of the show.

$21 at Oculus Store
Rodent People: Origins

Escape the cage: Rodent People: Origins

As bionic rodents with human-level intelligence, you and up to three friends must escape from your captors in this hour-long experience.

$10 at Oculus Store
Shinobi Breaker

Break up brick baddies: Shinobi Breaker

You're a space ninja, which is definitely a real job! Evil cosmic monsters approach, so use your katana to slice up their bullet-hell attacks, or dodge them as you aim your shurikens or bow and arrows.

$15 at Oculus Store
Percussive VR

Practice makes perfect: Percussive VR

Get ready to become a master of rhythm with the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, steel drums, and glockenspiel. This is meant to practice with actual sheet music, so don't expect a gameified experience — it's for people serious about percussion instruments.

$30 at Oculus Store

Tower defense: Arrows

Vikings, knights, ninjas, trolls, golems — you'll have to take them all out, teleporting from tower to tower as you defend your territory in 27 different levels across three difficulty levels.

$10 at Oculus Store
Figureout VR

2D block brain-teasers: FigureOut VR

A simple puzzle game in which you must figure out how to slot together blocks on a wooden board. You can import your own music to listen to as you work through 100 puzzle levels.

$2 at Oculus Store
TripeaksDreamland VR

VR Solitaire: TripeaksDreamland VR

Play solitaire with Tripeaks rules and various levels and difficulty levels, set inside a casual virtual environment with your own music. It doesn't have any other solitaire versions as of yet.

$2 at Oculus Store

List of free App Lab games for Oculus Quest 2

Ancient Dungeon Beta App Lab Gameplay

Procedurally generated roguelite: Ancient Dungeon Beta

Staff Pick

This extremely popular beta lets you dive into a Minecraft Dungeons-esque world with a sword and throwing knife, facing random enemies and bosses while rescuing NPCs and discovering secrets. Each dungeon crawl will take different paths with varied environments, giving you tons of replay value for free!

Free on Oculus Store
Gorilla Tag

Primate parkour: Gorilla Tag

Play simple tag while chatting with friends, or run from "infected" gorillas, as you climb up and leap from trees to shake off pursuers. Jump into this chill game, which has had tens of thousands of players weekly, for public or private matches.

Free at Oculus Store
Puzzling Pieces on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Reconstruct remote locations: Puzzling Places - Beta

Using 3D photogrammery scans, the developers take real-world locations, split them up into pieces, and challenge you to rebuild them in VR. You can summon pieces from afar to place them or walk around the puzzle in roomscale mode. You might be relaxing, but these puzzles will challenge you.

Free at Oculus Store
Sky Squadron

Do a barrel roll!: Sky Squadron

Inspired by arcade rail shooter Star Fox, Sky Squadron stars a koala pilot taking on flying baddies from his cockpit — along with an online co-op companion if you want! With actual voice acting, boss battles, and branching paths, it's a surprisingly in-depth experience considering it's free.

Free at Oculus Store
Tiny Castles

Oculus's experimental hand-tracking: Tiny Castles

Not every App Lab game is made by an indie dev! Made by Oculus to test out its hand-tracking tech, Tiny Castles is an action puzzler where you play as a powerful god defending your followers from evil, and it'll help you get comfortable with VR without the Touch controllers.

Free at Oculus Store
First Steps With Handtracking

Oculus' other hand-tracking experiment: First Steps With Hand Tracking

If you want to see all the potential applications of hand tracking for your own VR games, or just have fun with a few cute minigames, Oculus' experimental game recreates the First Steps experience but with not controllers required.

Free at Oculus Store
V-Speedway Alpha

Time Attack: V-Speedway Alpha

Choose between three racetracks and race to beat times on the leaderboard. Online multiplayer is planned but still a long way off, so for now enjoy some fast-paced arcade racing.

Free at Oculus Store
Open Brush

Tilt Brush but free: Open Brush

Now that Tilt Brush has gone open source, indie devs can build their own versions of the app. Open Brush will let you experience the joys of roomscale painting, without having to spend the money on relatively old tech.

Free at Oculus Store
Multibrush By Rendever

Tilt Brush but with friends: MultiBrush by Rendever

Another game built off of Google's source code, this version of the game is for people that love to collaborate on their art! Jump into 3D canvases with your buds and see what you can create together.

Free at Oculus Store
Descent Alps on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

It's always ski season in VR: Descent Alps - Demo

Ski down challenging slopes that you'd be afraid to take on in real life! You must ski on the correct side of poles to stay on the course, adjusting your whole body to steer. Challenge the ghosts of your friends or people on top of the leaderboard to compete or improve your skills.

Free at Oculus Store
Smash Drums VR on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Beat drumsticks: Smash Drums! demo

Like most rhythm games, you'll swipe the Touch controllers to the music, avoid obstacles, and replay songs on harder difficulties. It's just a demo for now, but the final version will feature 21 indie rock songs, which is great for people who prefer vocals and percussion to electronica and lightsabers.

Free at Oculus Store
Battle Arena VR

Cyborg multiplayer: Battle Arena VR

Using a cybernetic grappling hook to launch yourself from object to object above or around the battlefield, you'll shoot enemies in 2–10 free-for-all battles. It's as much about movement and strategy as accurate aiming.

Free at Oculus Store
War Yards

1v1 bullet-time duels: War Yards

What if The Matrix was set in the old west? Perhaps you'd get War Yards, which lets you decide whether you will run and gun freely or switch to slow motion, where you can dodge your opponent's bullets but can't reload or change positions. It's strategy meets shooting.

Free at Oculus Store
Warriors Of Titus

MOBA on Quest 2: Warriors of Titus

Choose between 14 Champions with varied abilities and jump into 3v3 matches. Defeat enemies and their minions or defense towers to level up your weaponry and skillset.

Free at Oculus Store
Harvest VR

Charming farming sim: Harvest VR

Whether you're more into Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, or other famous sims, there's a lot to enjoy here. You'll grow and sell plants, go fishing or mining for materials, buy new tools to farm, and generally enjoy a quiet but satisfying experience.

Free at Oculus Store
Gun Raiders

4v4 team shooter: Gun Raiders

Choose between three strategy-heavy game modes: Escape, where attackers try to fight or sneak through the defenders' territory to the end zone; Control, where you fight to hold an asset in the center of the map; or standard Team Death Match. Master different guns in fast, cover-based combat.

Free at Oculus Store
Galaxy Forces

Thread the space needle: Galaxy Forces VR

Pilot a ship through narrow space caves full of enemies, taking them out for the high score or rushing through for the best time. With 55 levels, plus user-created levels and the option to create your own as well, there's plenty of gameplay to enjoy.

Free at Oculus Store
Pick-Up League Hockey

3v3 hockey sim: Pick-up League Hockey

Despite the low-res graphics, the dev promises realistic skating physics, dual-hand stick controls with haptic feedback, and multiplayer with friends or strangers, making this possibly the best VR hockey experience on the Oculus Store.

Free at Oculus Store
Gym Class VR on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Virtual hoops: Gym Class

Hit the basketball court and challenge friends or strangers online to dunk contests, HORSE, or one-on-one duels. The avatars let you signal your teammates or taunt your friends, while the physics engine makes the shots seem realistic.

Free at Oculus Store

Virtual Garageband: Virtuoso

Create music loops using six different instruments, plus your own voice! Even if you're not much of a musician, you can have fun creating synthetic beats then export them to music programs and show off your skills to friends.

Free at Oculus Store
MarineVerse Cup App Lab

Learn to sail: MarineVerse Cup

Are you someone who enjoys sailing but doesn't get to go out as often as you'd like? This demo is meant to be a realistic sailing simulator with yachts and dinghies. You can relax on the water or (with an account) race other players online.

Free at Oculus Store
Find My Phone App: The Game

What it sounds like: Find My Phone App - The Game

Your phone is missing! To find it, you must rely on your tablet and its "Find My Phone App", which gives you vague clues that force you to explore the interactive world around you. It has a short playtime but it's sure to make you smile.

Free at Oculus Store
Blobby Tennis

Chill beach tennis: Blobby Tennis

Hit the ball back and forth against your AI opponent, Blobby, and don't let it hit the ground. That's all there is to it!

Free at Oculus Store
Simple Theremin

Give a live performance: Simple Theremin

Want to learn how to play the theremin? You can control the electronic instrument's four waveforms with hand tracking or your controllers, create your own music, then use the built-in headphones to perform for your roommates.

Free at Oculus Store
Cover Drive Cricket

Cricket batting practice: Cover Drive Cricket Demo

Ready to test your swing against a variety of bowling and spinning styles? This demo will help you master your technique as you try to score as high as possible on a 10-over challenge.

Free at Oculus Store
Bard Hero VR

Monster rhythm: Bard Hero VR

Use your controllers to drum to the beat in rhythm mode, or take up your ukelele in survival mode. Enjoy a quick, free experience with six songs to try.

Free at Oculus Store
Galactic Bar Fight

Cut them off: Galactic Bar Fight

Using a variety of weapons, kill waves of foes who clearly don't like something you said over drinks. Your goal is to take them out as quickly and creatively as possible to earn a high score.

Free at Oculus Store
Sense Arena

Train your goalie reflexes: Sense Arena

Hit the virtual rink and protect the net as a goalie. This app is designed to improve your reaction time, puck tracking, and hand-eye coordination, and included pro-training videos to develop your technique.

Free at Oculus Store

Build molecular structures: Nanome

Having trouble visualing what molecules and atoms actually look like from a textbook? This in-depth "nanoscale design" simulator will let you import specific molecular structures, or build and mutate your own, helping give you a more visual understanding of how the building blocks of life work.

Free at Oculus Store

Public speaking simulator: Virtual Speech

Do you struggle with giving presentations in professional contexts? This app simulates different environments and imports your presentation slides so you can practice in a realistic context. It rates your strength of delivery and eye contact, and throws random noises to distract you.

Free at Oculus Store
Minsar Studio

Coding-free VR programming: Minsar Studio

Interested in making a VR or AR experience but lack the necessary coding skills? Minsar Studio lets you import different assets and control them or trigger certain actions using its effects suite, then export and share your project with the world.

Free at Oculus Store
Spark AR Player on App Lab

Test augmented reality creations: Spark AR Player

Built by Facebook, this tool is specifically created for people who use the Spark AR Studio application. Once you've made something, you use this VR app to see how the AR objects would look in different virtual environments.

Free at Oculus Store
Zoe VR on App Lab for Oculus Quest 2

Learning sandbox: Zoe

Zoe is an educational platform that students or teachers can use to create virtual experiences or projects, then share them with others. Build customized rooms that a child can explore, or put them inside it and see what they come up with.

Free at Oculus Store
Sentio VR

360º home simulations: SENTIO VR

SENTIO VR allows people to collaborate on house or apartment construction before they're built, letting you step inside the mock-up and offer suggestions on what to change. It's undoubtedly useful in a professional context.

Free at Oculus Store

Find your next Quest experience through App Lab

Figuring out how to find and download App Lab games for Oculus Quest 2 can be a bit challenging if you don't know where to look. Start by clicking any of the links above and purchasing or installing a game that sounds exciting to you. Then you should be able to open the Oculus mobile app, find the App Lab game in your official library, and choose "Install to Headset" to add it to your Oculus Quest 2.

We split up the free and paid experiences because many people will only see the App Lab as a source of free content. But App Lab is also a pathway for games to officially get listed on the Oculus Store, and a way for developers to directly connect with gamers for feedback and financial support. Don't sleep on the paid games, which can offer longer experiences and often cost far less than official Quest games.

If you're wondering where to start with this long list of Quest 2 App Lab games, Crisis VRigade 1 and 2, along with Deisim, are popular releases with extensive updates, lots of replay value, and plenty of fans — so you know you're getting a quality experience for your money. As for the free experiences, Ancient Dungeon already provides an in-depth experience with fun combat that'll keep you entertained for hours on end. For more chill (but still challenging) gameplay, Puzzling Places made our list of the best SideQuest games for Oculus Quest long before it became an App Lab title, and is worth your time.

The App Lab will hopefully continue to add more SideQuest games over time, and we'll keep this list updated once they're approved. Until then, if there is an unofficial SideQuest game you want to try, you'll need to follow our guide on how to sideload apps on the Oculus Quest. Or if you're only interested in official Quest experiences, be sure to look through the best free games for Oculus Quest 2 right now.

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