Essential accessories for Nextbit Robin

While there aren't a lot of accessories on the market yet for the Nextbit Robin, we've rounded up a few items that we think every Robin owner should have.

Universal 15 W USB Type-C charger

Do you use your Nextbit Robin a lot? If so, you need a charger that's able to give you the boost you need to take on the rest of the day.

This universal wall charger connects to your phone via a USB Type-C interface, which the Robin supports — with 15 W on hand, it's able to charge your phone faster than most other chargers.

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Fosmon Dura-T Ultra Slim Fit case

As far as smartphones go, the Nextbit's Robin's aesthetics are unique in that they are simple. If you want to protect your Robin while preserving its minimalist charm, then a thin, clear case is the way to go.

The Dura-T from Fosmon fits that bill as it is quite slim, just 1.4 millimeters thick, and weighs not even an ounce. It's almost like not having a case on at all.

While this case isn't going to protect your Robin if you drop it out of a second-story window, its thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) composition will prevent the surface of your phone from getting scratched. However, be aware that clear TPU has a tendency to yellow over time.

This case also has a lip that comes out over the face of the phone, which is nice because it protects the screen from getting scratched if you lay it face-down. One user did report having some problems accessing the Robin's buttons because of this lip — it's just something to keep in mind.

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dbrand Nextbit Robin skins

If you've gone with a Nextbit Robin, you're probably someone who doesn't run with the pack. Why not individualize your Robin even more by slapping a custom skin on it?

dbrand, best known for its iPhone and MacBook skins, has developed a line of Robin skins that are made from the same top-quality material — authentic 3M vinyl. This means that if you decide to remove the skin, you won't be left with any sticky residue.

With 20 shades and 6 textures, all of which can be mixed and matched with separate skins for the back, upper/lower sections, and the Robin logo, you can create a truly individual look for your phone.

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Atill Bluetooth earbuds

Wirelessly enjoy music from your Nextbit Robin with Atill's Bluetooth earbuds.

These noise-cancelling earbuds are perfect, whether you're out for an evening jog or sitting on the bus on your way to work or school. They will wrap your senses in sound, allowing you to tune out screaming kids or noisy seatmates.

Because they use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you can pair them with up to two different devices at the same time. This is great for sharing a pair or just connecting them to your Robin and your tablet, without having to go through the pairing process every time you want to switch devices.

One issue with these that's worth mentioning is that a user reported finding them to be uncomfortable to wear after a period of time. They likened the feeling to having suction-cups in their ears. However, this might be a good thing for you, depending on how you're using them. It doesn't seem likely that these earbuds would slip out of your ears, even if you're going for the world record for jumping jacks.

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Nextbit tempered glass screen protector

A scratched or cracked screen is bad, m'kay? There's no better protection for your fragile Robin's screen than tempered glass.

Tempered glass screen protectors offer the best protection because they are strong — four to six times stronger than annealed glass — and if they do break, they will shatter into small bits of blunt glass instead of sharp shards.

While Nextbit's tempered glass screen protector is a little pricey at $25, it's the way to go if you want to ensure a precise fit for your Robin.

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Eco-Fused 12 piece microfiber cleaning cloths

Keep your Robin free of ugly fingerprints and smudges by wiping the screen with microfiber cleaning cloths.

Eco-Fused cleaning cloths are thicker than the average cleaning cloth and made from soft and durable microfiber. This means that you can safely use them to clean your Robin's screen without worrying that they will leave scratches behind.

The best thing about these cloths is that they don't leave any smudges, streaks, or lint on your screen, so you can wipe it down once instead of having to go over it again and again.

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Did we overlook something?

We've scoured the internet, looking for must-have accessories for the Nextbit Robin. We are human, however, so it's possible we missed something super-awesome. If we did, sound off in the comments and let us know!

Kathy McGraw