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Droid Eris 2.1 begins rolling out

Verizon Wireless tends to be rather notorious, along with nearly every other cell phone manufacturer and carrier, for delaying taking its sweet time with OS updates. Android 2.1 has been rumored to be coming to the Droid Eris for quite some time now, then some said it was not going to be coming, then we see a release date, and ... yeah, you get the point.

Today was supposed to be the day of the magic for you Droid Eris owners, and it appears  Verizon has kept its word, and the rollout has started. This update is scheduled over the course of two weeks, so keep checking your device for updates, and hit up the forums to see who's got it, and what's in the update. And for those that missed the change log, be sure to check it out after the jump. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • I feel like throwing up... thank you for NOTHING SPRINT!
  • Update zip should be up tonight. Any bets?
  • I hope so!! I keep checking back here for it, haha
  • Sprint, you have failed us for the last time.
  • I feel like slamming my samsung moment against the wall..
  • sweet! ive been running V1 of the leaked 2.1 for a while now and its pretty buggy, excited for the official update! and heres to hoping its fixes the bugs of the 1st leak...idk why i never updated to the latest leaked version, i guess im just too lazy
  • Will we automatically be notified when the update is available on our phones? I can't remember the last time I had to update my Eris.
  • Will we automatically be notified when the update is available on our phones? I can't remember the last time I had to update my Eris.
  • Gonna downgrade to v1 to see if I get the update. Nvrmind I'll. Just wait for the zip.
  • Verizon wins again... Sprint continues to fail :)
  • on updates HELL FREAKING YES on contracts HELL FREAKING NO
  • do want!
  • Why do I have the strange feeling that my Backflip will never get this 2.1 update?
  • how do they pick the update order? is it random or by order your phone was activated or what?
  • So one of my friends has an Eris with the 2.1 beta. Does he need to wait for a zip file to put the official update or can he do the OTA update?
  • the HTC facebook page just said the Eris update has begun to rollout yeah thats probly as official as your gonna get so it must be true
  • eta on first brick post :P
  • Well, I have a Droid, but just talked to my wife and she is getting prompted for the update on her Eris. Score!
  • LOL @ Everyone getting mad at sprint haha, these comments are cracking me up.
  • Anyone get the update yet? Someone needs to post the link so the rest of us dont have to wait for two weeks! Anxious...just went and played with the im itching for 2.1! Thanks !
  • My dad has an Droid Eris, And I have been so excited for the update coming! (I play on his phone a lot...) I have been up to date on the blogs, email, and all of it!! If anyone has a link to the manual download for the 2.1 update, Please tell me where its at!
  • And if anyone does get the update, Please Upload some photos and describe whats new and whats not please!
  • STOP BLAMING YOUR CARRIER! It's not Sprint's fault or any other carrier's fault. Blame HTC and any other manufacturer which places an overlay UI on top of the OS thereby making it unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming to implement anew OS underneath. Sprint is merely a postman. HTC has to do all the envelope-stuffing, and they are the ones who have been sitting on their a**es. Here endeth the lesson.
  • if you are correct, why does the eris have 2.1 now and the cdma hero does not. both have sense ui, both basically the same hardware, so shouldnt the work required to get 2.1 on either phone pretty similar???
  • No zip file yet ):
  • So what gives? #'s look the same as the last leak, which is still kinda buggy...any chance they fixed anything in the last week or so?
  • You poor Eris owners. The horror of upgrading your phone must be unbearable. I for one thank our Sprint overlords for sparing us the agony of upgrading.
  • Can't wait....should be a vast improvement....I love the Eris!
  • Still no link? Did anyone receive it last night?
  • Ok - I have a question. Is it necessary to back everything up or just recommended, as part of a little typical CYA?
  • Well backing everything up will save you the hassle of manually searching for all of your downloads and losing all of your pictures that you truly care about..
  • Anybody know where the will be located on the internet where you can manually update yourself if your rooted or updated to the v3???
  • Does anyone know if I can get the update using 1xrtt? At the moment I don't live in an area with 3G and my school doesn't allow smartphones on its wireless network.
  • How do I back up my apps?
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  • Tried this process 2x, update failed. Made doubly sure that file wasn't named, and only, and failed again. Am running 1.5 out of the box. Don't waste your time with this. I've been waiting for the OTA update since Eris came out, and I guess 12 more days won't kill me. Totally sucks this didn't work, though.
  • I performed the manual update as my girl's phone got the OTA already and mine didn't. I didn't have a problem with the update running stock 1.5. My contacts were backed up to gmail. Upon completion, I re-synced everything in the settings menu and my contacts where there. My app were also there that I had installed previously. Email messages were gone that were on the phone. It remember the accounts though. Text message history stayed intact and everything was there. I had an issue of the weather app crashing (force close) when you would open it. I went into settings and cleared the cache and this fixed the issue. Everything else matched as far as software, firmware, etc as on my girl's phone. The only setting that didn't match was the PRL (Preferred Roaming List). You can dial *228 and the select option 2. This will update your phone to the current PRL in your area. 2.1 is running quicker than 1.5 did for most functions and I have not had any issues. I downloaded the file and saved it to my sdcard as the instructions stated. Rebooted and installed. It had no issues and my SD card was untouched during the whole upgrade process. If you have any problems with some of the stock programs. Trying to go to manage applications and then clear data/cache for these programs to see if it fixes your issues.
  • Got the real 2.1 update from verizon this morning on my eris havnt had a chance to check out everything yet but youtube actually works now
  • I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. Amber compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It's like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!