Droid Day is Here! Who's Getting a DROID?

November 6th, 2009. Droid Day. It's here. After seeing all the commercials, all the leaked pictures, and gathering al the information--you can finally go and get one yourself! The Motorola DROID is available for $199 with new 2-year contract (opens in new tab) and the DROID Eris is available for $99 with new 2-year contract. (opens in new tab) Both phones are amazing, both phones will be on Verizon.

If you're looking to save a buck or two, Wal-Mart is offering the DROID for $188 with new 2-year contract. And as you already know, Best Buy and Verizon Retail stores are selling the DROID today as well. Go get yours!

The DROID Eris is available for $99 but if you're looking to score one off-contract, it'll cost you $499.99 at Best Buy Mobile. (opens in new tab)

So who's getting a DROID or DROID Eris?

  • I got one Moto Droid!!!
  • So its judgment day today for Droid, was it? According to Cnet it was a little bit slow nonetheless a good start of droid, other “critiques” says otherwise. But I say, “Hell yeah! droid conquered US for a couple of hours today”. We just hope that their ROI is profitable compare to the hunderds of thousand worth of ads they spend during the promotion period and err.. did I say, their impending “lawsuit” with AT&T too? Collation of info about droid release today Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet Count us in! can't wait to create droid apps for this one
  • I am too deep in my current contract to get one just yet, but I have to say that I have one disappointment with the Droid. On all of the advertising it looks as if they had to ship some cash over to George Lucas for using the word Droid. No star wars theme? If they are paying a royalty, we might's well get the most out of it. I'll be getting my imperial march ringtone on there, right quick.
  • Wish I could, I'd have to buy it off-contract as I'm still deep in my T-mo G1 contract but I can't even find a german one to import into the UK, maybe I'll wait for the X10 :(
  • Droid!
  • Waiting for the GSM Version.
  • Picked mine up this morning. Highs and lows so far:
    +Great build quality
    +Slider is no where near as clunky as I expected from various articles I have read. So far it seems to work great.
    +Synced to my Google Apps account with no pain whatsover (which was to be expected)
    +Porting was complete in minutes, seamless connectivity, and just an amazingly smooth ride. SO much different than what i have seen with other companies. I was ported before I left the store.
    +Call quality and sound quality has been great so far, and of course coverage blows away AT&T and Sprint (in outlying areas around Orlando, at least)
    +The in-store process was very well organized, and the agent I worked with was extremely knowledgeable about the Droid Negatives:
    -The included power cable apparently is intended for use on a kitchen counter with a high outlet. There's no way it reaches down to the floor from a desk.
    -No earbuds/headphones. Now I would be using my V-Modas anyhow, but it seems like a silly thing to do - every other smart phone includes at least a cheap set.
  • Everything you said is dead on.
    I really like the proximity sensor for phone calls, no need to get an app to lock the screen(Blackberry Storm) it does it for you.
  • getting mine as we speak.
  • Yeah! Ordered mine this morning from the Internet. Hope hope hope I get it on Monday. Nice buying it on www.verizonwireless.com as you get the instant Rebate. I had an opportunity to use it for 24 hours and WOW! Totally awesome. I really like the Navigation, it works great. the screen is fantastic and videos are great on it. The internet blows me away, might not need the laptop anymore. This will be my first Android phone and I am very excited. Hope all of you that are picking yours up today or this weekend have lots of fun!
  • Got mine.
  • Went in this morning to dump my blackberry storm. I'm not eligible until Dec 5th and the guy wouldn't work with my date. Guess I'm playing the waiting game.
  • I pre-ordered mine at Best Buy on Monday. Now, I just have to wait for my store to open!
  • UPDATE: This thing is epically awesome. I prefer this to any other smart phone I've used...including the iPhone. A lot of people say it's not an iPhone killer, but that's only because there's too many sheep out there focused on brand names instead of actual phones. I find the physical keyboard great, and it's one of my favorite features of the phone...along with the d-pad. Considering that those have been the main features that receive negative press, this thing simply rocks. Go buy one. NOW!
  • Got mine. Love it so far. Can't figure out how to add widgets that I've downloaded. Might that be a 1.5 vs 2.0 thing. I know when I tried the sprint htc hero out that I could just download a widget out of the the market and it would show up when I do an add widget from the home screen.
  • Find a screen with empty space. Press your finger down on the screen and hold. A context menu will pop up, with WIDGETs as an option. That's the one you want to select. Have fun!
  • Any who got one already get the screen protector/privacy guard with it? I hate to take it off since its such a pain, but I think it is interfering with the gestures on the screen. Seems it is unresponsive to a lot of touch movement.
  • I just hope there really is a GSM version of this phone coming to Tmobile,with a snapdragon processor but for now i'll stick to my G1,
  • Thank henry jonas for the wonderful link: Collation of info about droid release today Wouldn't have though that Manhattan pipz, got "balls deep" with the standing-line wait for the droid. I prefer ordering online though
  • I got mine, and gave my iPhone to my roommate. I love my Droid!
  • order my Eris yesterday. Should get it tomorrow. $99 with free activation. Good deal. I also packaged up my iPhone and sent it back to AT&T yesterday. I brought that 2 weeks ago and I was still on my 30 day trail, buyers remorse period. Good thing.
  • I like everything about the phone except for the battery life is weak and my proximity sensor is dead already... taking it in tomorrow to get it replaced.