Best answer: Yes, Amazon offers an attractive and affordable stand for the Echo Show 8. With this stand, you can easily tilt and maneuver the Echo Show 8 for optimal viewing angles.

Why put the Echo Show 8 on a stand?

Pictured: Echo Show 8 Adjustable Stand.

The Echo Show 8 is the latest and greatest addition to the Echo Show line, which includes the full-sized Echo Show (2nd Gen) and the Echo Show 5. It sits in that perfect "Goldilocks" zone of smart screened speakers — not too small to enjoyably watch content on, but not too big that it takes up valuable counter space.

The Echo Show devices are made to stand on their own, but there may be times where you want a little added flexibility in viewing your content. Whether it be placed on a desk, side table, or kitchen counter, getting a little bit of height and adjusting the tilt of the screen can make all the difference in your viewing experience. For these cases, Amazon has introduced its own first-party stand to pair with your Echo Show 8.

Available in black or white to match the Echo Show 8, the stand easily attaches and detaches to the base of the device with the help of magnets.

Are there non-Amazon options?

Pictured: Echogear Tilt + Swivel Stand.

Perhaps you don't want to get the Amazon-branded Echo Show 8 stand, or perhaps you just want a different look or additional functionality. Luckily, there are already third-party stands available.

We found this interesting one from Echogear that looks to be able to do a few things the Amazon stand cannot. For starters, it elevates your Echo Show 8 a little higher, and it has a wider angle of upward and downward tilt. Unlike Amazon's stand, you can rotate the Echo Show 8 with the Echogear stand a full 360 degrees around. It also features a sticky rubber coating on the bottom of the stand, so that your Echo Show 8 stays securely in place.

Like the Amazon stand, the Echo Show 8 attaches magnetically to the base, and it is also available in white or black.

Stand-up device

Echo Show 8 Adjustable Stand

Tilt it, turn it, attach it.

This first-party stand by Amazon attaches magnetically to the Echo Show 8, and allows you to easily adjust the viewing angles for a better Echo experience.

Swivel that Show

Echogear Made for Amazon Premium Tilt + Swivel Stand

You spin me right round, baby, right round

This certified "made for Amazon" stand can fully spin 360 degrees, attaches magnetically, and has a secure rubber base so your Echo Show 8 stays put in any position you place it.

Meet me in the middle

Amazon Echo Show 8

Not too big, not too little, this size is just right.

The Echo Show comes to a more natural size that's easier to place than the 10-inch Echo Show but it's still comfy enough to watch recipes and videos on.

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