Best answer: Yes, Amazon offers an attractive and affordable first-party stand that tilts to easily showcase the excellent display on the Echo Show 5. The stand attaches magnetically for easy assembly and removal.

Why do you need a stand for your Echo Show 5?

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon's newest and arguably most useful Alexa-powered Echo device. It offers many of the best features of the Echo Show, its larger sibling, at a much better price point than the full-sized Echo Show or the pint-sized Echo Spot. And like its Echo siblings, the Echo Show 5 offers an optional stand to enhance the functionality of the smart speaker.

While the Echo Show 5 is undoubtedly a great looking product on its own, there are some times where you might want to have it...stand out a bit. For example, when using it on an end table, nightstand, or crowded desk, it's nice to have the ability to adjust the height and viewing angle of the device. Amazon makes its own stand in both black and white that perfectly matches the colors offered on the Echo Show 5.

Not only does the stand allow you to adjust the viewing angle of the device, but it also magnetically attaches to the Echo Show 5 for easy assembly and removal. No brackets or screws required!

Are there any other options?

We were unable to find any third-party Echo Show 5 stands listed on Amazon at this time, though we do expect that to change soon. As an alternative, you could purchase a non-Echo speaker stand. However, these tend to be more expensive than the Amazon option, and may not match your Alexa aesthetics. For now, we recommend the Echo Show 5 adjustable stand as a great option to complement your new desktop assistant.


Amazon Echo Show 5 Adjustable Stand

Show me a little more!

Get this great stand to better display your Amazon Echo Show 5 and to be able to enjoy it from more angles and in more places!

Affordable alternative

Kanto S2 Desktop Speaker Stand

Speak(er) up!

These adjustable speaker stands are available in black, white, or metallic colors. The stands feature foam isolation pads to reduce vibration and to keep the device from slipping, and they offer 16 degrees of verticle tilt. Plus, you get two to a pack, so they come out cheaper per unit than the first-party Amazon stand.

New show

Amazon Echo Show 5

Your personalized portal to Alexa

The Echo Show 5 addresses many of the criticisms of earlier generation products, adding privacy-focused features, a great screen, and good speaker - all in a convenient size!

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