We're expecting OnePlus to unveil its new OnePlus 7 anytime now, and when it arrives, we should be in for something special.

The rumor mill is suggesting that we'll actually get two versions of the phone, including a standard OnePlus 7 and a OnePlus 7 Pro — the latter of which will have a pop-up selfie camera and Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display!

Taking a look at the AC forums, feelings are currently mixed about what we're seeing so far.

Tony tata

So I know it's definitely way too early but am I the only one who would be pretty disappointed if the 1+7 had a curved screen? That's why I left Sammy in the first place.


Yes, I will skip the 7 if it has a curved screen and also if the 7T does. I'll ride out the 6T for another year and go from there. The stupid curved screen is a major part of why I left Samsung as well. I think it's a really poor decision for OP as I think the S10e shows Samsung is thinking about dumping it it will be way to late for OP to do it. Hell if Samsung stays with a flat option I...


I've found the last 3 models disappointing, which is why I'm still using a 5, so it would be on form. I'm planning to give the S10e a go this year.


Wow, after reading the AC article today, I think I will wait on purchasing my next phone until the OP 7 comes out. My Nexus 6P is limping along, and I'm hoping I can get part of the settlement payment when the lawsuit goes thru. I didn't have the bootloop issue, but I had - and still have to some extent - the battery issue.


What about you? Do you like the OnePlus 7 leaks?

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