Deal: Get 75GB of full-speed data from Verizon for just $95 a month!

While many carriers "unlimited" plans cap speeds after somewhere after 22GB of data usage, Verizon is now offering a new Above Unlimted plan that will keep your data running at full speed three times as long. For just $95 a month, you'll get an unlimited plan with 75GB of full-speed data before speeds are reduced. The plan also comes with unlimited talk & text — Mexico & Canada included.

Verizon's NEW Above Unlimited Plan

  • 75GB of full speed data each month before your speeds are reduced during congestion (other plans will reduce your speeds after you use 22GB of data)
  • Your unlimited call minutes can be used for calls both to and from Mexico and Canada
  • Your unlimited text messages can be used to text over 200 countries in the world
  • You can use 512MB of data each day when traveling in Mexico or Canada for free
  • Includes 5 TravelPasses each month, which lets you use your cell phone plan in more than 130 countries at no additional charge
  • Includes 15GB of mobile hotspot data
  • This plan is great for those who use a lot of data and don't want their speeds reduced each month when they go over their limit. It's a huge amount of full-speed data, with carriers usually offering only 22 or 23GB of full speed data each month.

BYOD Offer

For a limited time only, if you bring your own smartphone to Verizon and switch from another carrier, you can receive a prepaid MasterCard with $150 credit!

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