Save over $130 on the most powerful ASUS Chromebox 4 you can get

ASUS Chromebox 4
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A Chromebox is a great PC for the family and is one of the best Home Theater PC setups you can find. They're simple and secure, small and easily mountable, and ready for everyone in the family to have their own profile.

But sometimes, you just want to open 50 Chrome browser tabs. For that, you need something high-end and powerful like this Chromebox 4.

ASUS Chromebox 4:$899$765 at Amazon

ASUS Chromebox 4: $899 $765 at Amazon

A Chromebox is the right PC for a lot of things, and when one has this much power under the hood the possibilities are almost endless. If Chrome OS can do it, this Chromebox 4 can do it even better.

Chromebooks are pretty popular laptops. They're simple and secure, usually come at a good price, and tie in with almost every web service imaginable. That's why people love them for work and school and it's also what makes them perfect computers for anyone who doesn't need specialized Windows-only software.

Chromeboxes are the same way, even if they tend to be forgotten. They're small boxes that can fit anywhere, and use standard peripherals like keyboards. webcams, and mice. They are just and plug and play as any Chromebook.

They even come with more specs than you can shake a stick at and that's what ASUS is offering with this Prime Day deal on the top-of-the-line Chromebox 4.

It has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, and plenty of ports to plug in most standard PC components. It can handle three 4K monitors if that's how you like to roll, but it's also perfect for mounting behind the television for the ultimate entertainment and cloud gaming PC.

You don't need these kinds of specs in a Chrome OS device, but it can use them if you work it hard. This Chromebox 4 is ready for you to work it as hard as you can. Saving over $130 bucks is just the icing on the cake.

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