Chrome Web Store adds support for Cuba starting October 19

Chromebook apps
Chromebook apps (Image credit: Android Central)

Google has sent out an email to registered Chrome developers to let them know that support for free extensions, themes, and apps will be extended to Cuba on October 19.

The default language for the Cuban Chrome Store and any content with multi-language support published there will be Spanish, and any app, theme, or extension currently published to "All Regions" will be automatically published to Cuba's Chrome Web Store.

If content is not marked for All Regions it will be excluded from the Cuban store by default. Developers are encouraged to check and adjust their publishing settings as needed, as well as internationalize their store listings if they intend to distribute to multiple regions or with multiple language options.

Relaxation of U.S. export controls and sanctions towards Cuba allowed Google to distribute Chrome in late 2014, and as relations continue to improve between the two countries we should see more companies providing their services for the people of Cuba as public internet access continues to grow.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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