Chrome OS 83 debuts with improvements to Google Assistant, Family Link, and Virtual Desks

Back in action in no time
Back in action in no time (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has started updating Chromebooks to Chrome OS 83.
  • The update adds improvements to Virtual Desks, Assistant, and Google for families.
  • Chrome OS 83 is rolling out over the coming days.

Ahead of Android 11's public beta debut next week, Google has released Chrome OS 83 to eligible Chromebooks. It's not a large milestone update, but it does contain a few quality of life touch ups heare and there that'll make using Chrome OS a little easier.

Here's what's new:

  • Naming Virtual Desks - Google introduced Virtual Desks to Chrome OS in a recent update, and now the company will allow users to name their individual desks for ease of organization.
  • Visble Passwords in password entry field - For some reason, you were ever quite able to see our password or pin entered into the login box. Google's changed that with this update, and your Chromebook's password fiend now works every other login field.
  • Media Sessions with Assistant - Google Assistant on the Chromebook gets a bit more media-friendly. The service can now control media with commands like "Pause" "Resume" etc.
  • Family Link improvements - Google adds a couple of improvements to Family Link on Chromebooks. Parents now have a little bit more control over what their children can do on the platform. They're able to approve apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store, set Play Store app time limits to encourage healthy screentime, and add school accounts for Family Link users.
  • Tab Groups - Tab Groups have arrived for Chromebooks after debuting on Android.

Google says the update is rolling out over the coming days, so if your device doesn't have it yet, just hold tight.

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