Celebrate World Backup Day by keeping your data backed up and protected

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By now, you've probably heard of just about every "special holiday" in existence, from National Pizza Day (there are actually several of these) to World Emoji Day (July 17). Despite having heard about some of these fun and obscure celebrations, I'm willing to bet that you probably didn't know that today is World Backup Day.

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What is World Backup Day? Well, I'm glad that you asked!

World Backup Day was established in 2011 with the goal of reminding people how important it is to back up their data regularly. It is intentionally held on the day before April Fools Day to help remind people just how awful it would be if they were to lose all of their data at once.

Android Central backup resources

The team at Android Central has written extensively on the topic of data backup, and to recognize this important day, we've prepared a collection of some of our favorite articles to help you get a handle on your data backups.

For starters, we have several articles about various online backup storage solutions such as Google One and Dropbox, as well as a guide on how to back up your Android phone.

There is coverage on restoring your text messages and WhatsApp chats, as well as on backing up your photos in Google Photos or transfering those photos from one storage service like OneDrive to another like Google Drive.

We also have guides on how to restore apps on a new Samsung or other Android, should you be looking to move from an older phone to a newer device. Whatever your data backup questions are, chances are we've got an answer in the AC archives!

It's important to back up your computers, too, and we have guides to help in that department as well, like our guide on how to back up your Chromebook. What about those precious photos? We have you covered as well with a guide on how to back up and save your Amazon Photos so you never lose a precious, irreplaceable memory.

Backing up data isn't just for old computers or ones on the fritz that you fear could deliver a blue (or black) screen of death at any moment. Anything can happen at any time, so backing up is necessary for even the best laptops and computers.

However, if you want a one-stop shop for backing up your data, then consider a program like BackBlaze, which allows you to backup an unlimited amount of data off a single computer for just $6 per month.

Take the pledge

If you are interested in learning more about World Backup Day and taking the official pledge to backup your data, visit the cause's official site. I did!

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