This one-day deal at Best Buy is a surefire way to have a killer turntable setup. Through the end of the night, you can bundle the Sonos 2.1-channel Amplifier with a pair of Klipsch Reference Series Bookshelf Speakers at a $270 discount! Considering the speakers are priced at $290 otherwise, this deal is like paying just $20 for the pair which is pretty insane. The Sonos Amp is currently sitting at its regular price of $599.99, bringing today's total to $619.98 for the bundle. Best Buy also includes free shipping with your purchase.

Better Together

Sonos Amp with Klipsch Reference Bookshelf Speakers bundle

This stellar bundle deal at Best Buy lets you add the Sonos 2.1-channel Amplifier to your cart along with a pair of Klipsch Reference Series Bookshelf Speakers at a $270 discount! That nearly makes the pair of bookshelf speakers free.

$619.98 $889.98 $270 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

As their name suggests, these Klipsch speakers are just the right size to keep on a shelf or a desk. Since they're passive speakers, they require an amplifier for proper use, so it's lucky this bundle includes one. The Sonos Amplifier is a great fit for any home entertainment setup, whether you primarily listen to games, TV shows and movies, music, or pretty much anything else. It offers 125W of power per channel and includes built-in HDMI and Ethernet ports, along with RCA inputs. Best of all, it can connect to your home Wi-Fi network and stream music wirelessly via AirPlay or the Sonos app. It can even be controlled using your voice and a compatible device featuring Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, such as the Echo Dot.

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There are a few components new turntable owners will need to buy before they can start enjoying their music, and once the amplifier and speakers are crossed of your list, the next thing you'll want to look into is a record cleaning kit. Once you're ready, Amazon is a fantastic place to find new and classic records on sale.

Remember, this deal is valid for just one day only, so head over to Best Buy and complete your order soon if this is a discount that you don't want to miss out on.

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