The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones are down to $199.95 through the Bose eBay store. These are refurbished headphones, but they come with a one-year warranty and Bose promises they are "thoroughly inspected and tested" with just minor cosmetic issues. A new pair of headphones go for $350 at places like Best Buy, and they do not drop this low even when on sale.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones refurbished

Some of the best active noise-cancelling you can buy, especially at this price. Factory renewed directly from Bose and come with 1-year warranty. Battery lasts up to 20 hours with Bluetooth and ANC active. ANC has 3 adjustable levels.

$199.95 $350.00 $150 off

Let's start with the active noise-cancelling. These headphones have three different settings so you can actually adjust the noise-cancelling based on where you are. Tune out everything around you or get some of that ambient noise when you need it, like when it might be important to hear what stop is coming up on the subway. Assuming you can understand subway announcers at all.

Even the built-in mic uses a two mic setup so one of them can cancel out noise. That allows you to receive phone calls and have a perfectly clear voice when talking. You'll also be able to access voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

On top of all that, you'll get super fast Bluetooth and NFC pairing technology. You won't have to fiddle with settings or worry about your music going out of sync. Get the always-excellent Bose-quality sound and up to 20 hours of wireless play time. The active noise-cancelling can last up to 40 hours if you choose wired listening. And if you ever need a quick boost, a 15-minute charge can give you an extra 2.5 hours of listening.

Through a firmware update, you can also unlock a fun new update called Bose AR. Bose Augmented Reality uses audio to create a wholly unique experience for you through mobile apps like Bose Connect. This is something new for Bose and probably something you're unfamiliar with, but it is designed to help create real-woirld experiences combined with the headphones' audio for some interesting interactions.

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