This Black Friday deal from Wyze bundles everything you need to build your smart home for only $50

Photo of the Wyze Cam
Photo of the Wyze Cam (Image credit: Android Central)

You can get an excellent start to your smart home and save a bundle with this Wyze smart home starter pack. Home Depot is running a Black Friday sale on this all-in-one smart home kit that will save you almost $30. Wyze makes some fantastic smart home gadgets all at a great price, from outdoor wireless cameras to fitness bands and so much more. This deal makes that inexpensive smart home tech even cheaper.

Outfitting your home with things like door sensors, motion detection, bulbs, plugs, cameras, and more can add up very quickly. Wyze offers all of those things and more. These gadgets add some automation to your house for way less than other companies. While Wyze's smart home bundle is a great deal at its regular price, this Black Friday offer makes it a must buy.

I have been using Wyze products in my home for years, and I currently have everything in this kit to help automate things around my house right now. At the heart of this bundle is the Wyze Indoor Camera. The camera does more than just let you keep an eye on parts of your home, no matter where you are. It also can alert you to motion, sounds, and even specifically, if a smoke detector goes off.

The camera is also where the included hub plugs in. The hub is what connects the contact and motion sensors that are in the kit. From within the Wyze app, you can set up various actions to happen once these sensors are activated. From telling the camera to begin recording, turning on a light, sending you notifications if a door is opened, or any number of other things.

Some of the most common pieces of smart home tech are lights and plugs — in this kit, you get three bulbs and two plugs. You can set schedules within the Wyze app to turn on or off these devices based on times of the day or in response to something happening with the other sensors you set up from this bundle. Of course, you can always turn on your lights or plug via the app or by using Alexa or Google Assistant.

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