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Yeelight rose to prominence over the last few years, with the Xiaomi-backed brand offering a wide range of smart home lighting solutions. Like Xiaomi, Yeelight's main ethos is value, with the brand notable for undercutting Philips Hue and LIFX. If you're looking to get started with smart home lighting and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, Yeelight has some great offerings, just like Xiaomi's products. Here are some of the best Yeelight products available now.

Yeelight W3 Smart Bulb Multicolor Render

A world of color: Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb (Multicolor)

Staff Pick

Yeelight's W3 Smart LED Bulb is one of the best smart lightbulbs in the market today. You get 16 million colors, the ability to control the lights via Google Assistant or Alexa, and options for configuring scenes and schedules. Best of all, you don't need to buy a hub to control the lights with your phone or digital assistant. You're getting great value here, and Yeelight is a great way to get started with smart lighting.

Yeelight W3 Smart Bulb Dimmable Render Png

Just the basics: Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb (Dimmable)

Don't need 16 million colors? Yeelight's standard W3 LED Smart Bulb sheds adjustable warm light, with the rest of the features remaining intact from the color bulb. You don't need a hub, and the bulb works with Google Assistant or Alexa. There's also the option of setting scenes, scheduling the bulb to turn on or off at a pre-determined time, and more.

Yeelight Candela Lamp Render Png

Set the mood: Yeelight Candela

This is one of my favorite Yeelight products. As the name suggests, the Candela mimics the feel of a candlelight thanks to a fixed color temperature of 1800K. There's a control ring that lets you adjust the intensity of the light by rotating the glass housing. Plus, you can control all Candelas at once as they connect via a Bluetooth mesh. The Candela has a 2100mAh battery that provides six hours of usage.

Yeelight Smart Led Strip Render Png

Ambient lighting is fun: Yeelight LED Strip 1S

Like the LED bulb, Yeelight's LED Strip 1S is similar in functionality to the Hue Lightstrip. The 6.5ft light strip comes with a fun music mode, and you can bend it or cut it to length as needed. It also connects over Wi-Fi to your home network and is controllable via Google Assistant and Alexa. It can also connect to hubs such as SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and the Razer Chroma ecosystem.

Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light Render Png

See at night: Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light

Yeelight's Motion Sensor light is fantastic: it has an IR sensor that detects motion in a 120-degree radius, making it ideal for illuminating hallways at night. You can also use it in an always-on mode as a reading light, and in auto mode, you get 120-day battery life. It has a magnetic base that affixes to surfaces, or you can use the hook at the back to hang in your closet. There's also an adhesive at the back that lets you stick the night light to a non-metallic surface.

Yeelight Motion Sensor Closet Light Render Png

Two-in-one: Yeelight Motion Sensor Closet Light

One of the more recent additions to the Yeelight lineup, the Closet Light, wirelessly lights up small spaces like closets and shelves. You can charge it quickly via USB C and change the settings from motion detection to always-on if needed. The Motion Sensor Closet Light holds a five-hour charge and affixes to other surfaces magnetically or adhesively. It also allows you to hook it up inside a wardrobe or in the bathroom without any drilling.

Plenty of great options to choose from

The colorful Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb is obviously a great pick to start your smart home journey. Yeelight makes some of the best smart LED bulbs out there, offering affordable alternatives to Philips Hue. What makes the W3 Smart LED Bulb so attractive is its low price point combined with 16 million colors that can be adjusted via voice control or your phone. You don't even need a smart home hub to operate it, which makes it more accessible.

I also particularly like what the Yeelight motion sensor has to offer. I've been using the Motion Sensor Night Light for a few years now, and it's a great way to light up a closet or hallway at night. The 120-day battery life, combined with the sheer number of options available to affix it to a surface, makes it a fantastic night light.

Then there's the Yeelight Candela. It does a great job mimicking candlelight, and there's even a mode where the light breathes — just like the flame of a candle in the wind. But, again, the fact that you can control all Candelas at once makes it a standout product.

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