Best USB OTG Cables for your Oculus Go Android Central 2021

The Oculus Go has OTG support, allowing you to use arcade sticks, physical controllers, and other devices with the headset, but to get your device to work with these accessories, you need an OTG cable. The length and ports you need on your cable vary according to the accessories that you use, so we've gathered up the best OTG cables and adapters to get you up and running.

Least bulky: Joyshare Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter

Since using accessories requires a cable, you'll want as little to trip over as possible. This adapter doesn't add any addition wires to sort or maneuver around and lets you plug in USB-A devices.

$6 at Amazon

Organized wires: Cable Matters Micro USB OTG Adapter

Another short adapter, this plugs in at a right angle and allows you to redirect wires out of the way. It's also a bargain since you get two adapters for only $7.

$7 at Amazon

Flexible and durable: CableCreation Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable Braided On The Go Adapter

This cable provides durability and flexibility thanks to its braided design. It also plugs in straight, which allows wires to hang directly down off the Oculus Go if you'd like. At the time of this article's publication the adapter is over 70 percent off.

$6 at Amazon.

Direct connection: CableCreation Micro USB to Micro USB Cable

If you want to connect your Oculus Go directly to your phone, you'll want a longer cable. This expandable cables coils up to under 7 inches but can expand up to 5 feet.

$8 at Amazon.

Direct and modern: Cable Matters USB C to Micro USB Cable

This cable allows you to directly connect your Oculus Go to your cellphone that uses USB-C. It's also long enough to be comfortable at over 3 feet and durable thanks to its braided cable design. There are also options to get the same cable up to 13 feet.

$7 at Amazon.

The type of cable or adapter you need depends largely on how you plan to expand your Oculus Go. If you have a modern smartphone that uses USB-C and you, for example, want to use it as extra storage for your headset, I recommend the Cable Matters USB C to Micro USB cable. It's available in a variety of lengths and is going to be more durable than a typical cable because it's braided.

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