Best USB-C Hubs for ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 Android Central 2020

Finding a laptop with the right ports can be tricky, and if you bought the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302, its port selection might be one of the reasons you got it. In addition to a microSD card slot, you've also got access to two USB-C ports. These are plenty powerful on their own, but when you connect a USB-C hub, that's when the real fun begins. Here are a few of our favorites options.

Has it all: Aukey USB-C Hub 7-in-1

Our first pick comes from Aukey, and when we say this thing has it all, we mean it. As the 7-in-1 name suggests, you've got access to seven different ports. There are three full-sized USB ports, an SD and microSD card slot, HDMI port for displays up to 4K at 30Hz, and another USB-C port that supports 100W power delivery so you can use your Chromebook Flip charger with it.

$50 at Amazon

Takes up no space: Trianium USB-C Hub Adapter

Looking for something a bit more affordable? This hub from Trianium omits a few ports for a more affordable price. You'll find two full-size USB ports with fast data transfer speeds, an HDMI port, and just like the Aukey hub, the USB-C pass-through port means it works with your charger. Even better, the whole package is extremely portable.

$40 at Amazon

Ethernet jack, anyone?: Satechi Multi-Port Adapter

Satechi's hub may seem like overkill to some, but we can't get enough of this thing. It's a bit on the chunky side, but there's a reason for that. It's outfitted with three full-size USB ports, USB-C, 4K HDMI, SD + microSD slots, and even an ethernet jack! If you're a power-user and want one of the most powerful USB-C hubs around, this is for you.

$80 at Amazon

Small but mighty: Anker USB-C Hub 5-in-1

Switching gears, this 5-in-1 hub from Anker is another great choice for folks that are looking for something a bit smaller and cheaper. The hub's equipped with three USB ports, an HDMI port with 4K output, and an ethernet jack. Perhaps the biggest omission here is an SD card slot, but since the C302 already has a microSD one, that may not be too big of an issue.

$40 at Amazon

Incredible value: HooToo Premium USB-C Adapter

This hub from HooToo costs the same as Anker's, but it adds some bulk in exchange for a few extra ports. You've got access to three USB ports, a USB-C port with power delivery, 4K HDMI port, and a full-size SD card slot. That's a lot of functionality at this price, and while it may not be the smallest hub around, it's also far from the chunkiest.

$40 at Amazon

The simple choice: Aukey Ulta Slim USB-C Adapter

Our last pick on this list doesn't have nearly as good of a port selection, but it's also easily the cheapest. You'll find four full-size USB 3.0 ports and that's it. While that may not sound very impressive at first, it still opens a lot of doors for various accessories you can connect to your Chromebook. Furthermore, it comes with a 24-month product replacement warranty and is incredibly slim/compact.

$15 at Amazon

If you want your hub to be as useful as possible while not breaking the bank, we actually really like the HooToo Premium USB-C Adapter. It offers great functionality in an excellent form factor and comes in at a price we think a lot of you will like. Then again, if all you need are a few full-size USB ports, the Aukey Ultra Slim USB-C Adapter will get the job done for an even lower price.

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