Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2022

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9 (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is a gorgeous dream of a smartphone, but thanks to its all-glass front and back, one good drop could turn it into a shattered nightmare. A solid case is your best bet at keeping the phone safe, but adding a lot of bulk isn't always ideal. Thankfully, there's a good selection of thin cases for the Note 9 that safeguard it while keeping its slender body intact. Here are our favorite Galaxy Note 9 thin cases!

So many Galaxy Note 9 thin cases!

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As you can see from the list above, there's no shortage when it comes to thin cases for the Galaxy Note 9. All of these will serve you well, but among them all, we tend to like the Anccer Colorful Series the most.

Not only is it incredibly thin, but it also comes in a ton of fantastic colors — some of which have unique textures. Add that together with an affordable price, and there's not much of anything to dislike.

If you need something a bit more protective without being too bulky, the Spigen Thin Fit 360 is a cool case. It's super thin and light, but even so, it offers incredible 360-degree protection along with a built-in screen protector. How awesome is that?

Joe Maring

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