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The GGMM D6 is hands down the best speaker you can add to an Echo Dot to create a compelling audio experience. Not only does this 20W speaker get plenty loud, but it can tuck away cleanly so as not to distract from your home decor. If your goal is high audio quality without taking up a lot of space, this is the speaker for you.

Our Pick


Powerful, room-filling audio in a tiny box.

The speakers in an Echo Dot aren't great, but drop your favorite assistant into this pillar speaker from GGMM and you've have audio that easily competes with a full-size Amazon Echo without any sacrifices.

Who should buy this

Your Amazon Echo Dot can connect to anything with a 3.5mm jack in it, so you might as well make sure you have something great at the end of that cable. GGMM made this so you can drop an Echo Dot into it quickly and enjoy quality as well as all of the features you expect from an Echo. If you're looking for a great speaker to connect to your Echo Dot so you can stream your favorites as loud as possible, this is your speaker.

Is it a good time to buy this speaker?

GGMM is an audio company with a lot of products, but few are focused directly on the Amazon Echo product line. This is fairly new territory for the company, and this speaker, in particular, has been tremendously popular thanks to its price and the volume it is capable of reaching in such a small package. You don't need to worry about this being replaced with an upgrade anytime soon.

Reasons to buy

  • Great audio quality
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • Side light so you can see when Alexa is active

Reasons not to buy

  • No battery for portable audio

You Amazon Echo Dot deserves a quality speaker

While it's inexpensive and designed so you can buy multiple to be tucked away in every room of the house, the Amazon Echo Dot is an incredibly capable gadget. But if you want to have one streaming audio in a noisy kitchen or a bathroom while you're in the shower, the little speaker in the Echo Dot isn't going to cut it. What you need instead is a quality speaker you can drop your Echo Dot in to, and if you want the best you need to look at the GGMM D6.

GGMM might not be a company you have heard of, but nearly its entire product line is focused on squeezing every drop of quality possible from streaming audio services. This company lives for speakers that surprise you, and look good doing it. The D6 gives you the full transformation from Echo Dot to Echo you are probably looking for when you go to use one in a noisy space.

This combination is unmatched, especially in rooms where you need something nice and loud.

And best of all, the battery inside this speaker promises to power the whole set up for 8 hours, so you can bring it with you anywhere. It can be your speaker when folding laundry, running the vacuum, or lounging poolside. This combination is unmatched, especially in rooms where you need something nice and loud. Best of all, you can get these speakers in white or black to match the decor in your room or to make it easier to hide the speaker when not in use.

Alternatives to the GGMM D6

If your goal with an Echo Dot speaker isn't superior audio quality, you've got a few other options worth considering. VAUX makes a great battery-powered speaker that actually holds the Echo Dot inside it, while Bose makes a great portable speaker you can enjoy for pretty much any occasion.


VAUX Cordless Home Speaker

If portability is key for your Echo Dot speaker, VAUX makes something truly special.

You can drop your Echo Dot right in the top of this speaker and walk around with it, thanks to the included battery. It's also plenty loud enough for most places you'd carry your Echo Dot to.

This design is just plain clever, making your Echo Dot behave more like a full-sized Echo but also making it portable.

Value Pick

Anker Soundcore

This little speaker will surprise you with how loud it can get.

Anker has a reputation for making inexpensive accessories that exceed your expectations, and its Soundcore speaker is high on the list of reasons why.

Available in red, blue, or black, this little speaker has a battery with upwards of 24 hours of playtime so you can take your Echo just about anywhere.

Bottom line

You really can't do better than the GGMM D6 for quality audio for an Echo Dot right now. It's a great speaker with tons of extra features, and when you add the full Alexa experience to the mix you get something well worth using to wake up the neighbors at 2am.

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