The front-facing camera is there for one reason and one reason only: to shoot pictures of you! Don't let people judge you for whipping out a selfie stick, either — how else are you supposed to fit yourself, your family members, and your friends into a photo with a beautiful mountain range as your backdrop?

Smartphone accessories may be a nuisance for some, but as long as you're using them responsibly, they're extremely helpful for capturing that one shot. Here's how to equip yourself if you're often shooting yourself alone with your smartphone's capable front-facing camera.

CamKix Bluetooth Shutter Control

This is a solid Bluetooth remote. I have several of these floating around in my house and I've paired them with various devices so that they're handy when I need to shoot a scene with just my smartphone.

I've never had issues pairing them, either, and they come in several different colors to match your kit. These shutters are also compatible with iOS, in case you're living that dual-platform lifestyle.

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Umsky Selfie Ring Light

I have several of these floating around, too. Not only do they provide the right kind of light when you're filming a Snapchat confessional or video-chatting with family across the world, but you can clip then on to anything to shine a bit of light where you might need it.

This selfie rings work with almost every smartphone and tablet and offer three varying levels of brightness.

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Foneso Extendable Monopod

It's a selfie stick and a self-supporting tripod in one! The metal tripod is seven inches long but can extend up to 32 inches for taking selfies with beautiful backdrops.

The adjustable phone holder fits most phones that are less than three inches in width and features soft padding so it doesn't scratch up the chassis of your device. The 1/4-inch screw is compatible with other cameras, too, like a GoPro or an Gear 360.

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E-PLG Smartphone Attachment for Pet

This is just a tennis ball that affixes to your smartphone, but it's the perfect ruse to get your dog to sit still for a second.

Use the ball as bait to get your dog looking forward and then once you snap the selfie, throw the ball to give your dog a well-deserved run around the lawn. Good boy!

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Amir 3-in-1 Lens Camera Kit

Shoot a fun selfie session with these clip-on smartphone camera lenses. This three-in-one kit lets you shoot with the aforementioned fisheye, wide angle, and macro, which can be handy if you're going close up on your face. You can easily clip the lens on to the rear-facing or front-facing camera and swap them out as you please. The kit comes with a soft carrying case and three lenses.

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Your choices?

What are your best selfie bets? Let us know in the comments!

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