Best Pixel 3 XL Screen Protectors Android Central 2022

The Pixel 3 XL is a great-looking phone, but you don't want your shiny new phone to be broken if it takes a bad fall. Fortunately, you can have a screen protector on from day one to keep everything looking beautiful. These are the best Pixel 3 XL screen protectors! To really keep your phone protected, you should also check out the best Pixel 3XL cases.

Whitestone Pixel 3 XL screen protector

Simply the best: Whitestone Dome Glass

Staff pick

The Whitestone Dome Glass tempered glass kit includes a UV light to cure the screen protector to your phone and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

$60 at Amazon
Pixel 3 XL screen protector

Can't go wrong: IQShield Case Friendly Screen Protector

IQShield offers two film screen protectors along with everything you need for a perfect fit using the wet install method, all for very good price.

$8 at Amazon
Pixel 3 XL screen protector

Great value: LK Screen Protectors

LK's unique adhesive process means this three-pack of film screen protectors can be washed and reused. Once applied, they offer a case friendly fit.

$6 at Amazon
Pixel 3 XL screen protector

Brand you can trust: RhinoShield Impact Protection

RhinoShield uses a shock-dampening material that's flexible, thin, and easy to apply. They pair best with RhinoShield's own cases and bumpers.

$25 at Amazon
Pixel 3 XL screen protector

Tough as nails: Skinomi Screen Protector

Skinomi offers a film screen protector with a wet install. I you're not down with that, this one's not for you, but it does offer great adhesion.

$8 at Amazon
Pixel 3 XL screen protector

3-pack: AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

AmFilm's screen protectors are easy to apply and super thin at just 0.33mm. They are designed to just cover the screen for compatibility with every case.

$9 at Amazon

These are the best Pixel 3 XL screen protectors

We've rounded up the choices for your Pixel 3 XL, but if we had to pick one, it would have to be the Whitestone Dome Glass.

It's quite a bit different from most screen protectors out there thanks to the unusually high price and lengthy install process. But boy is this thing a treat once it's finally applied. This is about as close to perfect as we've seen so far when it comes to screen protectors. If you've got the cash to spare, we highly recommend splurging for what Whitestone is offering.

IF you're looking for something super heavy duty, then RhinoShield Impact Protection is perfect for you. It costs a bit more than the others, but it has been hammer-tested to be incredibly tough and durable while still allowing for touch and pressure sensitivity.

For those looking for a bargain, the LK screen protector three-pack is a great value and a perfect option if you want to have backups around or are buying to protect more than one phone.

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