Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases 2022

It may no longer be the newest foldable in town but Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still a unique smartphone that will last you for years. That being said, the device's glass and aluminum construction means that it'll need some of the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases in order to maintain its premium appearance. So to help you out, we have rounded up some of the best options available out there.

Check out these really good cases for your foldable

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Give the Galaxy Z Fold 2 the protection it deserves

Part of owning a device that resembles something straight out of a sci-fi movie is dealing with the cost(s) associated with it. Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 packs in impressive specs and innovative features. If you're still holding on to your Z Fold 2, you'll want a great case. The ideal Z Fold 2 cover protects one of the best foldable phones from anything and everything, for a long time.

Our top vote goes to Spigen's Ultra Hybrid, which offers front-to-back protection without making the already thick phone even bulkier. The dual-layer design provides solid protection and a great in-hand feel too. Spigen also reassures users that its clear cases don't yellow over time.

If you prefer something that's a bit more supple though, we suggest Samsung's own Leather Case. It's a high-quality cover with ample protection that also feels fantastic in hand. Not to mention, it comes in a few interesting colorways.

Those of you who desire a little more from your Galaxy Z Fold 2's cover should purchase the VRS Design QuickStand Pro. This clever construction boasts rugged protection and features a built-in kickstand on the back. It's one of the most enduring Z Fold 2 cases that money can buy.

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