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With its high price tag and nearly all-glass construction, you're going to want to get one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases around. However, even with its unique form factor and build, there are still some ways to add some protection to your device. So here are the best Galaxy Fold 2 cases available right now.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy Fold 2 Case

Best of both worlds: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Staff Pick

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case brings two fantastic features together. First, it provides all-around protection without being too thick. The case offers excellent protection for your phone's front and back by utilizing a dual-layer system with a hard outer shell surrounding a shock-absorbing TPU inner layer. There are also raised bezels that help keep the screen and camera up off surfaces.

$40 at Amazon
Samsung Leather Galaxy Fold 2 Case

Luxury on luxury: Samsung Leather Case

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a device with a luxurious price tag and feel, so it should have a case that matches. Made from high-quality genuine leather, this cover offers an unmatched feel to your phone's back. It has a raised bezel to help protect your camera, and the cover also wraps the back corners of your phone for added protection. It's also available in three colors so that you can give your new opulent phone a lush feel.

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy Fold 2 Case

Ultimate protection: Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you want to give your Galaxy Z Fold 2 the maximum amount of durability, the Spigen Tough Armor case is the way to go. While you won't get water or dust resistance from the case, you do get a certified military-grade MIL-STD 810G-516.6 level of drop protection. On top of getting raised bezels to help protect the front screen and the rear camera, there's protection for the hinge, which makes Spigen the best Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 case.

$50 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy Fold 2 Case

Keeping it thin: Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

If you're looking to give your Galaxy Z Fold 2 some added protection without putting much bulk onto it, look no further than the Spigen Thin Fit case. This two-piece case includes a backplate with a raised bezel for the camera and a frame to protect the front. The frame brings drop protection to the corners in addition to the raised bezel to keep your phone safe from small drops.

$30 at Amazon
Ringke Slim

Low-priced protection: Ringke Slim

Closer to the price tag you'd typically pay for a phone case, the Ringke Slim two-piece case is made of polycarbonate and comes in black or clear, depending on your preferences. You won't get the same fall protection as with a pricier case, and some users have complained that the design makes it difficult to access the front screen's edge menu. Despite that, this budget case offers solid protection without costing too much.

Nakedcellphone Galaxy Z Flip 2 Case

Holster it: Nakedcellphone Case with Clip

Keep your Galaxy X Fold 2 tethered to your hip with this case that comes with a custom belt hip holster with a ratchet clip so you can turn and lock the phone in different positions. It also doubles as a stand when watching videos, reviewing documents, and more. It's finished in a choice of seven colors with a textured grid pattern that allows for a secure grip in your hand.

From $20 at Amazon
Spigen Slim Armor Pro Z Fold 2 Render

The Mac-Daddy: Spigen Slim Armor Pro

If you're looking for the most protective case for your Galaxy Z Fold 2, you'll be hard-pressed to find something better than the Spigen Slim Armor Pro. This case features Spigen's all-new foam technology for added shock protection, along with open buttons for easy access. You'll also have the added benefit of having your hinge protected at all times, which you won't find in many other cases.

$From 80 at Amazon
Samsung Aramid Standing Case Z Fold 2 Render

A little flimsy: Samsung Aramid Standing Case

When the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Samsung Aramid Standing Case was the easiest case to acquire, and for good reason. It's great to have an aramid material protecting your Z Fold 2, but the included kickstand feels a little bit too flimsy. The Standing Case will do a fine job most of the time, but be wary of accidentally bumping the table, forcing your Fold to fall over.

VRS Design Damda Z Fold 2 Render

A bit sturdier: VRS Design Damda QuickStand

Those who want a case with plenty of protection along with a sturdy kickstand will enjoy the VRS Design Damda QuickStand. This case simply snaps onto the front and back screens and is thin enough to still be compatible with your favorite wireless chargers.

$37 at Amazon
CENMASO Wallet Z Fold 2 Case Render

Add a wallet: CENMASO Leather Wallet Case

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of the most versatile Android phones out there, and the CENMASO Leather Wallet Case takes it up a notch. On the inside flap, you'll find two card slots along with a pocket for some cash. But the case itself actually detaches from the outer cover, so you can slim things down when you want to.

From $27 at Amazon
Araree Nukin Z Fold 2 Case Render

Show it off: Araree Nukin Ultra Thin Clear Case

Although Samsung didn't really introduce any crazy colors with the Z Fold 2, it's still a gorgeous device. And with the Araree Nukin Ultra Thin Clear Case, you can be reminded of how awesome your phone looks while keeping it protected.

$15 at Amazon
DOOTOO Ring Holder Z Fold 2 Case Render

Ditch the PopSocket: DOOTOO Ring Holder Cover

Having a kickstand on your Z Fold 2 is one thing, but the DOOTOO Ring Holder Cover actually makes this behemoth easier to hold. On the back of the case, there's a built-in ring holder that doubles as a kickstand. And there are five different colors to choose from, including rose gold, green, silver, and more.

$25 at Amazon

Cover the future with the best Galaxy Fold 2 case

Part of owning a device that resembles something straight out of a sci-fi movie is dealing with the cost associated with it. As we explained in our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review, this foldable phone brings impressive specs, features, and a peek into the future of phones. If you're the kind of person who just has to be a part of that vision, you'll want to protect that investment: you need the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 case to protect the best foldable phone of the year.

With most phones, there are tons of options available when it comes to finding a case. However, since this phone isn't your ordinary device, it takes a bit more effort from case companies to produce a quality case.

One that offers front-to-back protection without making a thick phone thicker is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Aside from not being overly bulky, the dual-layer design gives solid protection and a great feel in hand. If you prefer a bit more of a supple feel to your cases, you'll love the Samsung Leather Case. It is a high-quality leather back cover that provides you some protection while also feeling fantastic.

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