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PlayStation 4 is a beloved console because it has hundreds of excellent games, access to movies through Sony's PlayStation Store, and plenty of apps that let you get at the content you want to enjoy. What if you're not able to snag the television from your roomie, though? Well, if for whatever reason you can't play on that sweet big screen, you can utilize the popular PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature by taking advantage of a clip that mounts your phone onto your controller.

Secure hold: Megadream 1st Gen

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While Megadream 2nd gen has been released, it seems to be having some fit issues. For now, we suggest sticking with the 1st gen, which holds up to 6-inch phones and offers a very snug and firm hold around the controller.

$13 at Amazon

Standard order: SUNKY 180-degree Android clip

Having a phone mount that is flexible and able to move is critical for gaming, and that is precisely what SUNKY delivers. The mount has 180-degrees of rotation which means you can set your phone to the perfect position for gaming.

$10 at Amazon

Extra rotation: Wireless phone clip holder mount

It has a flimsier feeling in your hand than some mounts, but it clips onto your controller well and is sturdy enough to hold your phone without any issues. It has 270-degrees of rotation; we aren't sure why you'd need 270-degrees, but it has it.

$11 at Amazon

Completely separate: FiveEyes Gamepad Controller

If you're an iPhone owner and don't feel like having to deal with a clip constantly, you can always opt for a separate controller. All you have to do is grab, connect, and go! With 12 hours of battery life so you won't have to worry about a recharge.

$44 at Amazon

Premium option: Razer Raiju Mobile

Considering the price tag, this is only for the most hardcore mobile gamer, but it's certainly worth it. Razer is by far one of the best peripheral makers out there, and its Razer Raiju Mobile controller with attached phone mount is outstanding.

$150 at Amazon

Keep it cool: COOBILE Gaming Grip

It may be PUBG-branded, but you don't need to play PUBG to use it. This phone grip comes equipped with a charger and cooling fan for prolonged gaming sessions. It fits phones anywhere from 4–6.5 inches.

$15 at Amazon

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You'll find that a lot of PS4 phone mounts tend to be similar in design and look nearly identical. The reason being: why reinvent the wheel? A simple, non-obtrusive clip is all you need. The difference tends to be in the material and amount of rotation you get from them. All of the above are quite reliable and won't break the bank. We especially like Megadream's 1st Gen phone mount, but you can't go wrong with any of these choices.

For any iPhone owners who are looking for something more than just a clip for a standard DualShock, the FiveEyes Gamepad Controller offers you an entirely separate controller with a built-in mount for your mobile experience. No more hassle. Unfortunately for Android fans, this one isn't compatible with their OS. We'll keep an eye out for a mobile gamepad that is.

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