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The best Moto G Stylus (2020) cases offer a perfect combination of protection without hiding the subtle beauty of the phone itself. This is easily one of Motorola's best-looking phones to date and is one of the best cheap Android phones of the year, so we've assembled a comprehensive list of the best cases to keep your Moto G Stylus looking its best for years to come.

Spigen Rugged Armor G Stylus Render

Matte and rugged: Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Moto G Stylus Case (2020)

Staff Pick

Spigen is arguably the best in the game when it comes to making a low-profile case that is sleek and offers excellent protection. With the Rugged Armor, you'll get a flexible TPU case with a spider-web pattern on the inside to provide better shock absorption. And all four corners are reinforced, as that's usually the first point of impact if your phone falls.

$13 at Amazon
Anccer Slim Cover Moto G Stylus

No slipping: Anccer Ultra-thin Hard Slim Cover

Some folks don't want to sacrifice the sleekness when it comes to using a case, and Anccer's Ultra-thin Hard Slim Cover helps with that. This ultra-thin TPU case will maintain a slim and low-profile, while sporting raised edges around the display and camera module for added protection.

$12 at Amazon
Motorola Essentials Moto G Stylus Render

From the source: Motorola Essentials Protective Case

The Motorola Essentials Protective Case is a great option for those who want a rugged case that is both protective and lightweight. Motorola states that this can absorb a drop of up to 6 feet while offering textured side grips to help prevent your phone from slipping out of your hands. And since this comes straight from Motorola, you know that it will have a snug fit.

Otterbox Commuter Lite G Stylus Render

Familiar protection: Otterbox Commuter Lite

The Otterbox Commuter Lite has become a fan-favorite with its lightweight design, while still offering a great deal of protection. With a soft TPU inner shell for shock absorption and a hard polycarbonate outer shell for everything else, the Commuter Lite is an excellent case for the G Stylus.

Starhemei Flower TPU G Stylus Case Render

Floral patterns: Starhemei Flexible TPU Case

If you're looking for a basic case with some frills, then the Starhemei Flexible TPU Case is perfect for the G Stylus. This case comes with seven different designs, although the case itself is clear, allowing you to show off your new phone. As for protection, you'll get the shock-absorption from the TPU material, but all four corners have been reinforced.

$6 at Amazon
MAIKEZI Non Slip Cover G Stylus Render

Protect everything: MAIKEZI Non Slip Cover

It's one thing to have a case that is slim and protects your phone, but then you still have to go out and get a screen protector. That's not the case with MAIKEZI's Non-Slip cover; you'll get both the case and an HD film screen protector. This will give you 360 degrees of protection while keeping your new G Stylus looking stylish.

$8 at Amazon
Lacass Leather Wallet G Stylus Render

Get a new wallet: Lacass Slim Leather Wallet Case

When it comes to the G Stylus, the chances are that you'll want a case that's as versatile as the new phone itself. Lacass aims to answer that call with its wallet case capable of holding up to five cards or a couple of cards and some cash. Then, just snap the wallet closed and keep everything secure while you're out and about.

$12 at Amazon
SNOSHO Clear Case Moto G Stylus

Show it off: SNOSHO Clear Flexible TPU Case

Where's the fun in hiding a new phone behind a case? Surely you don't want to have a bare phone, so get something like the SNOSHO Clear Flexible TPU Case. This case is ultra-slim, is entirely transparent, and features reinforced corners to go along with the raised edges for the screen and camera bump.

$6 at Amazon
UAG Plyo G Stylus Case

Oversized buttons: UAG Plyo

This ultralight case from UAG ensures that you still have access to all of your buttons, meets military drop-test standards, and has a translucent design. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the UAG Plyo is the honeycomb design in the four corners to help cushion the impact from a fall. Best of all, the case is not too thick, so you can wirelessly charge your new phone.

Encased Scorpio Armor G Stylus Render

Dual-layers: Encased Scorpio Armor

The Encased Scorpio Armor provides the protection you would expect when the word "Armor" is in the title. This two-piece case features a soft TPU inner and a hard polycarbonate backplate with a matte finish for a better grip. You'll get precise cutouts for all of your ports, including the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

$15 at Amazon
SUPCase Unicorn Beetle G Stylus Render

All-in-one: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Moto G Stylus 2020

The SUPCase Unicorn Beetle Pro for the Moto G Stylus has got it all — a built-in screen protector, kickstand, dual-layers, and even a belt holster. This case is designed to withstand a beating while keeping your Moto G Stylus look as good as it did when it came out of the box. And with the precise cutouts, you'll be able to access all of your ports and the stylus with ease.

GSDCB Ring Case G Stylus Render

Put a ring on it: GSDCB Dual Layer Ring Case

It's essential to keep your phone in your hand, but what if you also use one of the magnetic car mounts? Well, with the GSDCB, you won't need to use a different case, as the built-in ring on the back not only props up your phone but will also attach to just about any magnetic mount. Plus, the design of the backplate makes it so that your phone lies flat on a desk without much wobbling.

$6 at Amazon
Poetic Karbon Shield Moto G Stylus Render

Carbon Fiber strong: Poetic Karbon Shield

With the Poetic Karbon Shield case for the Moto G Stylus, you'll find a super-sleek design with carbon fiber on the back, along with precise cutouts for all of your ports and the fingerprint scanner. The Carbon Fiber design on the back aims to provide more grip when handling the G Stylus, and this case is compatible with many tempered glass or film screen protectors.

TUDIA Merge Moto G Stylus Render

Double protection: TUDIA Merge

Along with coming in four different colors to choose from, the TUDIA Merge is one of the best for offering a great amount of protection. With the combination of the TPU inner shell and polycarbonate backplate, the Merge makes for a one-two punch when it comes to keeping your phone safe. And that polycarbonate shell has ridges on the side for added grip.

STARSHOP Moto G Stylus Glitter Cover Render

All the glitter: STARSHOP Liquid Quicksand Cover

Speck has been in the case game for quite some time now, and the Presidio Lite is a great example as to why. This case provides up to four-feet of drop protection, thanks to the cushions surrounding the edges and air pockets on all four corners. While you won't find any fancy designs, Speck's case makes up for it by also offering a scratch-resistant texture, leaving both your case and G Stylus looking great.

$11 at Amazon

Protect your phone with the best Moto G Stylus (2020) cases

If we had to pick just one great case to get for the G Stylus, it would be the Spigen Rugged Armor. This case is lightweight, yet rugged, and sports MIL-STD drop protection while still working with many wireless chargers and providing easy access to the fingerprint scanner and ports. Plus, the edges of the case are rubberized to improve the grip of your G Stylus, so it stays in your hands and helps with shock absorption.

Then, there's the Anccer Ultra-thin Hard Slim Cover for the G Stylus. It's slim, lightweight, and rugged while giving you everything that you look for in a case. The case comes in several different colors to choose from, so you can get the right color that matches your style. And thanks to the design of this case, there are cutouts for easy access to your buttons and charging port, along with the rear fingerprint scanner.

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