Best Moto G Fast Cases Android Central 2021

The Moto G Fast is one of the best cheap Android phones that you can get, but you're still going to want to protect it. Finding the best Moto G Fast cases is much easier than when the phone was released. There are quite a few great options to choose from, helping to keep your G Fast protected through whatever comes your way.

Starhemei GreenLace Case Moto G Fast Render

Simple and elegant: Starhemei GreenLace TPU Case

Staff Pick

Starhemei is known for some great TPU cases, and that's no different with the GreenLace Case. There are more than ten different designs to choose from, but the GreenLance is one of our favorites. The case itself is clear, minus the design on the back, and all four corners are reinforced for added shock absorption.

$6 at Amazon
Otterbox Commuter Lite Moto G Fast Render

Classic protection: Otterbox Commuter Lite

Otterbox has been making cases for just about every phone, so it makes sense to see one for the Moto G Fast. The Commuter Lite is thin and lightweight while sporting a polycarbonate and TPU design. This offers shock absorption without adding too much bulk to your phone.

$21 at Amazon
Dretal Slim Fit Moto G Fast Render

Slim and sturdy: Dretal Slim Fit Cover

Those who want protection for both their phone and the screen likely don't want to deal with making two separate purchases. That's where the Dretal Slim Fit Cover comes in, as you not only get a great TPU case with a sleek design, but there's also a tempered glass screen protector included.

$9 at Amazon
TUDIA Merge Moto G Fast Render

Double protection: TUDIA Merge

The TUDIA Merge is one of the most protective available, thanks to the dual-layer design. There is a soft TPU inner shell to help with shock absorption and a hard outer shell to protect against scratches and drops. TUDIA also offers the Merge in a few different colors to pick from.

$12 at Amazon
Osophter TPU Protective Cover Moto G Fast Render

Sleek and protective: Osophter TPU Protective Cover

With the Osophter TPU Protective Cover, you'll get a case that comes in three different colors, along with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. The case can withstand just about everything you throw at it and has precise cutouts for your ports, the camera, and the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

$6 at Amazon
BENTOBEN Moto G Fast Case Render

This one glows: BENTOBEN Glow in the Dark Mandala Cover

The BENTOBEN Mandala Cover looks absolutely gorgeous and has the added benefit of glowing in the dark. During the day, your phone case will feature one look; it will look completely different at night. Between the PC and TPU layers, your Moto G Fast is sure to be protected throughout all your activities.

$9 at Amazon
Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover Moto G Fast Render

Everything you need: Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover

If protection is the name of the game, then the Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover is the way to go. The case sports a design that looks like something you'd see in the military, along with hollow buttons for easy access. Plus, Sucnakp includes a screen protector so you can keep every angle of the G Fast looking sharp.

$9 at Amazon
Osophter Clear Cover Moto G Fast Render

Show it off: Osophter Clear Cover

If you're someone who just wants a clear case, then you can't go wrong with the Osophter TPU Cover. The case is completely clear while sporting reinforced corners for added protection. As for the rest of the case, Osophter has included raised edges around the display and camera module to prevent those annoying micro-scratches.

$8 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution Moto G Fast Render

Like a tank: Poetic Revolution

Our favorite heavy-duty case for the Moto G Fast is the Poetic Revolution. The Revolution has military-grade protection and a built-in screen protector. One area where this manages to stand out is the included kickstand on the back.

$17 at Amazon

Avoid disaster with the best Moto G Fast cases

There are not as many Moto G Fast cases as there are for other Moto phones, but there are still some great options. Our favorite of these cases is the Starhemei GreenLace TPU Case thanks to its awesome two-tone design, to go along with the reinforced TPU edges. Plus, the company offers a six-month warranty on its cases so you can reach out if something happens.

Those looking for a bit more protection will definitely want to check out the Otterbox Commuter Lite. This classic case is made from both TPU and polycarbonate for the ultimate one-two punch when it comes to keeping your G Fast in one piece.

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