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Best Heavy Duty Cases for Galaxy S20 Plus in 2022

Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20+ (Image credit: Android Central)

The Galaxy S20+ is quite an impressive phone with an impressively large 6.7-inch 120Hz display that you're going to want to protect from the cruel, concrete world outside your door. To help you defend your S20+ from shattering drops and scratched glass, we've rounded up the best heavy-duty options for protecting the Galaxy S20+ in style.

What are the best heavy duty cases for the Galaxy S20+?

Don't leave your Galaxy S20+ exposed and vulnerable to the scuffs and scratches of daily wear and tear — or worse. There are some exceptional cases available that offer a nice balance between ruggedness and sleekness. The Supcase UB Style Series is a prime example, offering a lightweight design that's rugged in all the right places. It keeps the S20+'s slim profile intact while protecting the display and camera module.

I'll also recommend the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series to anyone that needs a tough-as-nails case with an integrated kickstand.

For more great options, check out our collection of the best cases for the Galaxy S20+.

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