Best Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

Everyone's buzzing about the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, which are the company's newest smartwatches. Whether you're considering buying one of these soon or you already have one, you'll want to keep this beauty protected. We've rounded up the best Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protectors so you can choose the one that is most suited to your needs.

Qitayo Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

As thin as it gets: QITAYO Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (6-pack)

Staff Pick

This impressive screen protector from QITAYO is only 0.1mm thick, so you can feel confident that your screen will maintain the original response sensitivity. The soft but flexible TPU material curves from edge to edge so you have full coverage. Most importantly, the high-definition transparency film ensures a bright and crisp viewing experience.

$7 at Amazon
Aresh Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

Keep it simple: Aresh Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (6-pack)

When you're on the hunt for a simple wet-install screen protector for your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3, you won't find a better option than this six-pack from Aresh. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a seamless installation process. You can expect a high-definition film that won't affect the touch sensitivity of your screen.

$8 at Amazon
Ezco Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

Crystal clear: EZCO Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (4-pack)

If you're seeking a crystal clear screen protector with 3D full coverage, you'll love this option from EZCO. The high-quality plastic material offers better protection against scratches and daily wear and tear. The bubble-free and fingerprint-proof application guarantee your screen will always be looking sharp and clear.

$7 at Amazon
Orzero Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

Smooth as silk: Orzero Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (8-pack)

Unwanted scratches and damage are a distant memory thanks to this Orzero screen protector for the Fitbit Sense & Versa 3. It's smooth to the touch and extremely thin, which prevents bending and lifting around the edges. What's more, you'll enjoy a quick and easy installation that keeps your screen free of bubbles.

$9 at Amazon
Kimilar Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

All-around protection: KIMILAR Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (3-pack)

There are many benefits to these all-around Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protectors from KIMILAR. For starters, you won't have to remove the watch from the band. You also won't have to remove the screen protector when charging your device. You'll have protection from scratches, shatters, and collisions on the screen and all four sides of the watch.

$7 at Amazon
Spectre Shield Fitbit Sense Screen Protector

Practically invisible: Spectre Shield Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector

This is the perfect Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protector when you want one that fits your watch so seamlessly, you almost forget it's there. You'll enjoy laser-cut precision that guarantees a snug and flawless fit. The Spectre Shield screen protector prevents damage from scratches as well as general wear and tear.

Rinogear Fitbit Sense Versa 3 Screen Protector

Unmatched Clairty: RinoGear Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector (8-pack)

If you want a Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protector that offers unmatched clarity, this option from RinoGear is what you need. It's designed for active use and it's precision laser cut for a perfect fit. The flexible film material covers the curves of your watch perfectly while offering a clear view of your screen.

Vitty Versa 3 Sense Screen Protector

Tough as nails: Vitty Hard PC Case Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Screen Protector

Those who want a tough screen protector will appreciate this option from Vitty. This case provides all-around hardness protection that gives you peace of mind. You'll enjoy anti-scratch, shatter-proof, and anti-fall functions to protect your watch from damage. Not to mention, it's available in four different colors.

$8 at Amazon

Best Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protectors How to decide

When it comes to protecting your smartwatch, you want to make sure that you select the right accessories for your needs. We recommend the QITAYO Fitbit Sense Screen Protector, which is made of ultra-thin TPU material that offers edge-to-edge protection for your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3. At just 0.1mm thick, this high-definition transparency film ensures that the screen will maintain its original response sensitivity while still offering superior protection.

Perhaps you want all-around protection that covers every single surface of your watch. It's possible with the KIMILAR Fitbit Sense Screen Protector. The cases come in clear as well as some other stunning color combinations, including options such as black, silver, and rose gold. One of the best things about this screen protector is that offers maximum protection without adding too much bulk to your watch. It's thin enough to wear it won't impact your comfort, which is important when you plan to wear your watch every day.

Now that these watches have been available for a few months, these are just a few of the best Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 screen protectors you can buy. No matter which option you go with, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 is going to be protected from unwanted damage. Fortunately, each of them will do the job right without hurting your wallet!

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