Best Clear Cases for Pixel 4 XL Android Central 2022

The Pixel 4 XL showcases one of the most significant design refreshes we've ever seen in the Pixel series, and the end result is rather spectacular. This is a darn good-looking phone, especially in the striking Oh So Orange color. However, as we all know, glass backs don't tend to fare well in the event of a drop or fall. With the right clear case, you can keep your 4 XL looking outstanding without hiding its design. Here are our favorite options for doing just that!

All you need: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Staff pick

As far as clear cases go, the one we have to give our top recommendation to is the Spigen Liquid Crystal. Why? It fits the Pixel 4 XL like a glove with precise button covers, adds very little bulk at just 0.11-inches thick, has a raised edge over the rear camera to keep it safe, and comes in at a really attractive price.

$10 at Amazon

Fabulous flowers: Greatruly Floral Case

Like the design of the Pixel 4 XL but want to spruce it up with a little something extra? This case has you covered. There's a transparent portion so you can see the natural beauty of your 4 XL, but it's complemented by a floral pattern to give it some pizzaz. You also get excellent drop protection and a raised edge over the display.

$11 at Amazon

Prop it up anywhere: ESR Metal Kickstand Case

We like this case from ESR as it adds a lot of extra functionality to the Pixel 4 XL while retaining a slim, lightweight profile. Along with the transparent back that allows your phone to shine bright for the world to see, there's also a kickstand on the back that will enable you to prop the Pixel up vertically and horizontally.

$17 at Amazon

Rugged bumper: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

This is another case from Spigen, and it has a lot of what makes the Liquid Crystal so great. It perfectly fits the Pixel 4 XL, has great button covers, and comes in at a solid price. With the Ultra Hybrid, you're getting a reinforced bumper around the entire phone that gives you even more protection against nasty drops.

From $11 at Amazon

Hybrid life: Ringke Fusion X Case

Speaking of durable clear cases, we also urge you to check out the Ringke Fusion X. Available in three colors, this case's highlight feature is the rugged exterior/bumper that can withstand drops like no one's business. It has military-grade drop protection, fits the Pixel perfectly, and has a unique design we think you'll love.

From $12 at Amazon

Gold accents: Caseology Skyfall Case

The Caseology Skyfall case is a great all-around package. It has a dual-layer design to ensure the Pixel 4 XL stays safe through all sorts of use, the gold accent for the outer bumper add a nice design flair, and there are raised edges over the screen and rear camera. Add that together with a competitive price, and you can't go wrong.

From $14 at Amazon

If you still can't decide

Google's Pixel series has quickly become one of the most popular in the Android space, and this year, there are a ton of exceptional cases for both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

In the world of clear cases for the 4 XL, our top pick goes to the Spigen Liquid Cyrstal. Shot for shot, this case has it all — a slim design, ample day-to-day protection, precise button covers, and a great price. To be perfectly honest, there's not much else we could ask for.

If that doesn't offer quite enough coverage for you and your butterfingers, however, another option worth considering is the Ringke Fusion X. For those of you that know you need as much protection as you can get, the Fusion X and its impressive bumper deliver.

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