Whether you are looking for a protective case or just something thin to prevent scratches, there are a bunch of options for you to consider. Cases come in various styles, colors and more, and everyone has a different preference. Odds are that with a new phone you will want a new case to keep it safe, so let's take a look at some of the different options that are available and see which may work best for you.

Diztronic Slim Fit


If protection isn't high on your list, but you don't want your phone getting all scratched up, Diztronic's Slim Fit case is a great option. The case offers a thin layer of protection for the back and four sides of the phone and is form-fit to the phone. It still provides easy access to your buttons and ports, but prevent scratches and dents to the rest.

The case is available in a number of different color options like black, blue, red and teal. Coming in at just $10, the case is very affordable and makes a great addition to your phone.

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Oeago Tough Rugged

Sometimes you need a protective case for your Moto G4 so you don't have to worry about it breaking on the job site, and Oeago's option won't break the bank to keep you protected. Made up of two layers, it has a TPU inner sleeve and an impact-resistant hard plastic shell to provide maximum drop protection. The corners have extra protection, and the back has a built-in kickstand to keep your phone propped up when you aren't using it. Priced at just $8 or less, you can't beat the protection that this case offers for the money.

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Sparin Transparent Case

Sparin Moto G4 clear case

Sometimes you don't want to hide your phone in a case and change the look of it, but a clear case gives you the best of both worlds. You not only get an additional layer of protection, but you also don't have to worry about hiding the look of the phone under an ugly cover. Sparin's transparent case is nice and thin, so you don't bulk up the phone, and it has a nice precise fit. Two cases come in the pack, so if you get it dirty or scratch it up you can swap on the extra.

The case comes with a lifetime warranty as well, so you don't have to worry once you make the purchase you are pretty set. With two cases coming in at around $8, you can't beat the value here.

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Microseven Case and Holster

Putting your phone in your pocket is not always ideal, and sometimes it is easier to keep it safe on your hip. This case and holster combo gives you a protective layer on the phone with a nice hard case, and a secure holster for your belt to keep it safe during travel. The case will prevent scratches, dings and even help a bit during falls without adding a ton of bulk to the phone. The holster is lined with a felt layer that prevents the screen from getting messed up while sliding it in and out. Coming in at around $10, this two-piece set is quite a great deal for those who need protection and an easy way to carry their phone.

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Innovaa Leather Wallet

Cases don't have to only protect your phone or make it look good, but they can also provide additional functionality as well. Cases like this leather wallet one give you a space to keep your cash, credit cards, ID and more with you easily. You won't need to carry around a wallet and a phone, and instead you'll be able to combine both of them into one place. This is perfect for when you are going out for the evening, or don't want to have a lot with you to bog you down. At just $10, this is a really inexpensive way to protect your phone and add a wallet to it.

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Your favorites?

Do you have a favorite inexpensive case for the Moto G4 that isn't listed above? If so, be sure to drop a line in the comments letting us know which case and why you like it, along with a link of where to grab one.

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