Best Pixel 3a Cases Android Central 2019

The Pixel 3a brings the Pixel experience to a far, far wider audience with the same Google style and a much more firendly price point, and I've loved rocking mine these last few months. While it looks very similar to the Pixel 3, it's a bit taller and thicker so you'll need a case specially made for it. The good news is that there are plenty available, and here's the best of the best you ca find today!

Ruggedly handsome: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick

Spigen is one of the most trusted names in case makers on the market, and its Rugged Armor is one of our go-to single-layer cases for slim protection. While I wish it came in colors, Black really does go with everything.

$11 at Amazon

First party feel: Google Fabric Case

Google's fabric cases feel wonderful in the hand and come in a small assortment of colors, and since they are made by Google, they feel every bit as premium as their price tags. Available in Carbon, Fog, and Seascape.

$27 at Amazon

Durable and crystal clear: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Series

Do you have that sweet Purple-ish Pixel 3a? Yeah, me too! Want to show off that color while still protecting your investment? Supcase's Unicorn Beetle cases have always done well for me, but this Style Series with the two-tone blue is a stunner.

$13 at Amazon

Corner cushions: Tudia Merge Series

Tudia uses the tried and true hybrid construction — squishy TPU insert surrounded by a hard polycarbonate shell — to keep Google's latest phone safe without breaking the bank. This case is a heavy duty case with a slim profile and four color options.

$12 at Amazon

A clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen's Liquid Crystal line is my favorite case series in all of clear case-dom, and while my all-time favorite Liquid Crystal Glitter isn't available for the 3a yet, the classic clear Liquid Crystal will protect your phone from ugly scratches and small drops in style.

$10 at Amazon

Get unique: Skinit Clear Case

Life's too short for boring cases, and when solid color cases and patterns just don't speak to you, that's where printed cases like Skinit's licensed clear cases come in. There are fun designs from Disney, Marvel, DC, anime, and college/pro sports for you to geek out with.

$20 at Skinit

Guard your Pixel: Poetic Guardian Series

This heavy duty case lets your Pixel 3a's beautify shine through the back panel — accented in either blue or silver — while secruely protecting it from drops, dings, and scuffs. It even has dust flaps to protect your ports from pocket lint bunnies!

$17 at Amazon

Built Android Tough: Spigen Tough Armor

Pixel phones are made for users that want the latest software and the best features first, but that doesn't mean these cutting edge phones deserve to live on a knife's edge between safety and shattering. Spigen's Tough Armor is sturdy, secure, and even comes with a kickstand.

$15 at Amazon

Let's kick it: ESR Metal Kickstand Case

This TPU clear case comes with a good-sized kickstand attached to the bottom that is good for both landscape and vertical kickstanding needs. The clear plastic shows off the Pixel 3a's distinctive branding while protecting it from scuffs, scratches, and shatters.

$20 at Amazon

Slim protection: Vinve Carbon Fiber

Vinve's carbon fiber-accented case offers about as much protection as the Spigen Rugged Armor for a fraction of the price and even offers some cool color options like Navy, ruby Red, and a dapper-looking Grey.

$8 at Amazon

For dirty droppers: Tech21 Studio Design Case

This fun-looking case it actually a pretty practical one, too. Tech21 is a casemaker that's made it their mission in life to help phones survive more drops, and it also sports anti-microbial protection to keep your phone clean in a dirty, dirty world.

$30 at Google Store

Carry it all: Feitenn Wallet Case

Who needs a separate wallet these days when we can use our phones to pay for everything? This swanky looking folio can hold three ID or payment cards, some cash, and your lovely little Pixel 3a easily, and the folio pulls double-duty as a kickstand as needed in the field.

$11 at Amazon

Can I use a Pixel 3 case with a Pixel 3a?

Possible but not recommended fit.

The differences between the 2018 flagship and the new mid-range Pixel's are very slight from a physical standpoint, and technically you could fit a Pixel 3 case on a Pixel 3a. However, depending on the button cutouts and how tightly fitted the case was originally designed, they might fit the slightly taller and thicker Pixel 3a.

That said, any Pixel 3 case would cover up the Pixel 3a's headphone jack and I would really, really recommend getting a case designed for the 3a, as that will provide the best protection and won't interefere with any ports/buttons.

Protect your Pixel!

The Pixel 3a may not be as expensive as the Pixel 3 or Galaxy S10, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be left exposed as you go about your busy day in the concrete jungle! Whether you need a little light protection or want to lock your phone down against shatters and scratches, there is a case out there for you!

On the thinner side of the scale, it's really hard to go wrong with the Spigen Rugged Armor and its slim protection, but if you need a case with a bit more padding in its petit package, there's always the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Series. If you prefer a beefier case, Spigen's Tough Armor is sturdy and secure, with a price tag to match.

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