Best Google Pixel 3a Cases 2022

The Pixel 3a — easily one of the best smartphones of 2019 — brought the Pixel experience to a far wider audience in 2019 with the same style at a much more friendly price point. Even though there's now a Pixel 4a, the Pixel 3a is still a fantastic phone, and the best Pixel 3a cases do a great job reflecting the bold styling choices Google chose with its first budget Pixel phone.

What's the best Google Pixel 3a case?

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The Pixel 3a may not be as widely available anymore, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be left exposed as you go about your busy day in the concrete jungle! Whether you need a little light protection or want to lock your phone down against shatters and scratches, there is a case out there for you!

On the thinner side of the scale, when it comes to the best Pixel 3a cases, it's really hard to go wrong with the Spigen Thin Fit and its slim protection. If you want to protect your phone without turning it into a tank, Tech21 claims that its Studio Design Case can withstand drops up to 8 feet while still keeping a slim profile with a stunning pattern.

Conversely, if you want to carry the phone and your essentials with you at the same time, leaving the wallet (what are those?) at home, a case like the Feitenn Wallet case will fit perfectly. It holds not just the phone, folio-style, but also up to three cards and some cash. And has the added advantage of doubling as a kickstand for watching videos, too.

Can I use a Pixel 3 case with a Pixel 3a?

Totallee Pixel 3 case

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The differences between the 2018 flagship and the mid-range Pixels are slight from a physical standpoint, and technically you could fit a Pixel 3 case on a Pixel 3a. However, depending on the button cutouts and how tightly fitted the case was originally designed, they might fit the slightly taller and thicker Pixel 3a.

That said, any Pixel 3 case would cover up the Pixel 3a's headphone jack, and I would really, really recommend getting a case designed for the 3a, as that will provide the best protection and won't interfere with any ports/buttons.

Once you've chosen the perfect case, consider grabbing some other accessories for the Pixel 3a to complete your purchase.

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